The Mystery of the Missing…

The Mystery of the Missing…
Year 4M Homework
Week 1
Something very valuable has gone missing from Manland Manor.
What is it? You are the Chief Inspector on the case. Design a
poster for the police station describing the missing item and why it
is so important. Stick it on the front of your file.
Week 2
There was only one witness to the theft. Write the interview you
conducted with the witness. Use a play script layout.
Week 3
Draw a plan of the room from which the item was stolen. Mark any
entrances or exits. Where there any windows or an alarm system?
Week 4
After much investigation you have collected enough evidence to
know exactly how the thief entered the Manor and stole the item.
Write an explanation of the events leading up to the theft. Use
technical vocabulary.
Week 5
You have enough evidence to arrest and charge a suspect. Write a
recount of the arrest and how you recovered the stolen item.
Remember to write in the 1st person and past tense. Write in
chronological order.
Week 6
Lord and Lady Manland are extremely grateful for all your hard
work. They are overjoyed to have their valuable property returned.
Write a formal letter to the police station, from the Lord and Lady,
to say thank you.
Week 7
Front page news! Write up the story for the local newspaper. Think
about the layout and remember to sensationalize the events.