Test 1 Units 1-3

ESL021 Test 1 on Units 1-4 from Side by Side 2
The test will be on Tuesday, June 24.
For the test, please review pages 2-38 in your textbook.
On the test, you will hear the teacher ask a question. You must write a correct,
complete response that uses the grammar & vocabulary that we have been
practicing in Units 1-4 in the textbook. Be ready to answer questions such as:
From Unit 1:
What do you like to do on the weekend?
I like to ….
What does your brother (or sister, friend, etc.) like to do on the weekend?
He/she likes to ….
Are you going to cook spaghetti this week?
No, I’m not. I cooked spaghetti last week and I don’t like to cook it very
Is your father going to make pancakes tomorrow morning?
No, he isn’t. He made pancakes yesterday morning and he doesn’t like to
make them very often.
What are you going to give your friend for his or her birthday?
I’m going to give her/him …..
What did your family give you for your birthday?
They gave me….
From Unit 2:
Where is the flour? (you’ll see the picture from page 12 for this type of question)
It’s in the cabinet/on the counter/….
Let's make an omelet for breakfast!
Sorry, we can’t. There aren’t any eggs.
Let's make a cake for dessert!
Sorry, we can’t. There isn’t any flour.
How much sugar do you want in your coffee?
Not too much. Just a little.
How many cookies do you want?
Not too many. Just a few.
How do you like the cookies? How do you like the cake?
They’re delicious
It’s terrific.
What foods do you think are delicious?
I like chocolate. / I think chocolate is delicious.
What foods do you think are terrible?
I don’t like bananas. / I think bananas are terrible.
From Unit 3:
A bag of oranges costs $6.49 this week!
$6.49? Oranges are expensive this week.
What do you recommend for dessert/lunch?
I recommend a piece of apple pie/a bowl of soup.
From Unit 4:
Will the guests be here soon?
Yes, they will. They'll be here in a little while.
Will the class end soon?
Yes, it will. It'll end in a few minutes.
Do you think it'll rain tomorrow?
Maybe it will rain and maybe it won't.
Do you think your parents will move to Florida?
Maybe they will move to Florida and maybe they won't.
Where are you going to go for vacation this summer?
I might go to_____(add a logical place), or I might go to _____.
Would you like to go swimming with me? No? Why not?
I'm afraid I might _____(make a logical excuse, for example: I might drown, I
might get sick, I might get sunburned, etc.).
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