Current Affairs Assignment

Current Affairs Assignment
You need to become global citizens!
The world is changing every second, of every
day. With our busy and distracting lives, we
often fail to notice some really important things
that are going on.
It is important to be aware of the issues in the
world around us.
We often ask, “Why should I care?”.
The answer is that if you don’t care, then you
don’t have the right to complain when things
don’t go your way.
• Maybe you didn’t get a course you needed for
your high school graduation or university degree?
• Maybe you didn’t realize you were supposed to
fill out for 407b in order to get funded for school?
• Maybe when you went to buy your first home
you didn’t realize there were new mortgage
• Maybe you didn’t realize North Korea was about
to use nuclear weapons on your home town?
The point is, you have to care…about
Or else, you risk caring about nothing, and what
is the point to being on this planet when you
care about nothing?
Believe that God put us here, or that we evolved
from apes, or whatever – our origin of species
becomes pointless with no purpose of existing.
With this in mind, your assignment is
to do the following:
1. Decide on an issue that interests you. This
issue must meet the following criteria:
– It has to have some social significance
– It must be current
– It has to interest you at some level
2. You must present this issue to the class. This
can be done in any of the following ways:
– Through PowerPoint
– Video
– Prezi
– Or other way as approved by me
3. Your information must come from at least
two legitimate sources. These can include:
– News articles
– Credible blogs
– Magazine articles
– Background info from a credible source
4. Your information needs to give your audience
a reasonable understanding of the situation,
and should generate discussion.
5. To generate this discussion, the following
aspects should be present:
– An explanation of the situation
– A clear description of why we should care about
your issue
– Thought-provoking questions to get people
6. Where applicable, you should include
appropriate pictures, and/or video.
Do Not…
Do not treat this as a research assignment! You
are not expected to give your audience a
complete history of your issue.
The Point?
History is not the point here.
The point of this is to find an issue that you care
about, and as a result, create discussions about why
we might care about 20+ new issues as a class.
This should allow us to be much more
knowledgeable about the current issues in our
Possible Sources
OR see the Interesting Links page on my
If you’re stuck…
Please see me if you have any questions about
what is expected, or if you need clarification.
For an example of the expectations of you, see
the example on our website.