Architecture Quiz

s 1
1. The Great Pyramids are located in
*a. the Giza Plateau
b. in the center of Cairo
c. in the countries surrounding Egypt
d. in India
2. The Great Wall Of China stretches from the east to the west of China
a. Approximately 500 miles
b. Approximately 1500 miles
c. 2500 miles
*d. Approximately 5500 miles
3. The Great Wall of China was built over a span of
a. 400 years
b. 4,000 years
c. 200 years
*d. 2,000 years
4. The most famous (visited by US President Jimmy Carter and Queen Elizabeth)
and the largest part of the Great Wall of China is the
a. Ming Great Wall
b. Lui Great Wall
*c. Badaling Great Wall
d. Han Great Wall
5. The only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is
a. the Great Sphinx
*b. the Great Pyramid of Giza
c. the Notre Dame Cathedral
d. the Great Wall of China
6. The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure in the world
until the Lincoln Cathedral was built in England in 1300 AD.
*a. True
b. False
7. The Middle Ages was divided into two distinct time periods, the _____ period.
which came first and then the _____ period.
a. Renaissance
[50.0000] b. Gothic
c. Romantic
d. Reform
[50.0000] e. Romanesque
8. During the Middle Ages, the builders and architects discovered two building
techniques that helped them design the large cathedrals. These were the _____ and
the _____.
[50.0000] a. pointed arches
[50.0000] b. flying buttresses
c. rounded arches
d. classic columns
9. What Architect designed the Kaufman House that was one with nature and built
over a waterfall?
a. Albert Sullivan
*b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. Franklin Roosevelt
10. _____ designed and built his home _____ by the Potomac River and called it
his "essay in architecture".
[50.0000] a. Thomas Jefferson
b. George Washington
c. Frank Lloyd Wright
d. Kauffman House
[50.0000] e. Monticello
f. Falling Water