Application of coastal vegetation to green roofs of residential

Application of coastal vegetation to green roofs of residential buildings in Taiwan
Landscape Architecture
College of Architecture and Design
Green roofs can alleviate the environmental impacts of reduced green areas resulting
from rigorous urban developments. In Taiwan’s hot and crowded urban environment,
green roofs are indicative of green buildings. Rooftop plants must be able to withstand
harsh natural environmental conditions. Coastal vegetation has a high level of
tolerance. Therefore, this study selected the seashore coastal region seashore
vegetation with landscape scenic features as well as drought, wind, and temperature
resistance characteristics as materials for a green roof. Based on the records and
analysis of vegetation characteristics provided by the Flora and Vegetation of Taiwan,
this study selected coastal hilly plants, as well as coastal beach herbaceous plants,
such as plant species for green roofs in Taiwan. A 10 m × 20 m reinforced concrete
flat roof structure was selected and designed as the demonstration site to present the
coastal vegetation roof
Keyword:Coastal vegetation · Green building · Green roof · Landscape design ·
Native plants