press release

Press release
Heinz-Georg Ebert named as new Sales Manager
for Eastern Europe
Burtenbach, 12th June 2014
With the appointment of Heinz-Georg Ebert as its new Sales
Manager for Eastern Europe, Kögel has now completed its
restructuring process and can now provide even better and more
intensive customer care in Europe. Working with Paul de Jong,
Sales Manager for Western Europe and Massimo Dodoni, Sales
responsible, in his new position, for the Kögel sales structure in
Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, The Czech Republic,
Estonia, Georgia, Hungary Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia will
all be his responsibility. In all these countries Ebert will be available
to all customers, dealers and business partners for analysing their
specific requirements and providing them with advice on the Kögel
range of products for the forwarding and construction industries.
Heinz-Georg Ebert has many years of experience in sales in the utility
vehicle industry. He has been at Kögel in a variety of roles since 2010.
Before moving to Kögel, Ebert worked in a wide variety of sales
functions at Kögel's sister company, Humbaur. He is very familiar with
Kögel's products and has excellent contacts in Eastern Europe. In his
new role, Heinz-Georg Ebert will report directly to the Managing Director
Thomas Heckel.
"I'm delighted to be representing Kögel in Eastern Europe" Heinz-Georg
Ebert, Kögel's Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, tells us. "I'm very
happy to help our customers to meet the constantly growing need for
transport capacity in Eastern Europe, responsibly, using the most
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appropriate technology and satisfying all legal requirements, using Kögel
Kögel customers from Eastern Europe can contact Mr. Ebert at their
convenience using the following contact details for further information:
Heinz-Georg Ebert
[email protected]
Mobile: +49 1522 2636050
Photo: Heinz-Georg Ebert, Kögel Sales Manager for Eastern Europe
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Kögel is one of the three leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. Since its
establishment in 1934, it has produced more than 500,000 trailers. Its
commercial vehicles and solutions for the forwarding and construction
industries allow the company to offer all the benefits of 80 years of engineering
quality "made in Germany". Since that time, it has maintained its passion for
transport and innovation, enabling it to offer proven, long-lasting added value
for freight forwarders. The company headquarters and main production facility
of Kögel Trailer GmbH & Co. KG are in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach. In
addition, Kögel also has plants and premises in Neu-Ulm (Germany), Duingen
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(Germany), Chocen (Czech Republic), Moscow (Russia), and St. Petersburg
(Russia). With approximately 1,000 employees, it achieved sales figures of
approximately € 275 million in 2013.