Budget Common Task-Directions Sheet

Portfolio Common Task
Directions: You will prepare the following:
1. Folder—Write your name neatly on the folder tab
2. Worksheet
3. Budget
a. *common task—problem solving rubric
*All assignments may be accepted 3 days after the due date; however, ten (10) points will
automatically be deducted per day REGARDLESS OF ABSENTEEISM AND
REGARDLESS OF SCHEDULED MEETING TIMES—listen to instructor for further
*Minus five (5) points for each checklist or rubric not included with assignments
1. Folder
a. Homework grade
b. Due______________________
Not accepted after: ___________________
c. Creatively include the following on the folder vertically
i. Your name
ii. Due date (see letter b. above)
iii. Mrs. Murray—Money Management, Period __
iv. Chapter 8 – “Budget and Financial Records”
d. Pictures of the following will add nicely
i. You and your significant other and/or children
ii. Residence
iii. Vehicles
iv. Optional—pets, pool, etc.
e. Neatly paste one sheet of 8 ½ X 11 on the front of your folder with the above info
2. Worksheet
a. Test grade
b. Due______________________
Not accepted after: ___________________
i. In order to make your budget experience as realistic as possible, your career goal and
other information needs to be realistic. Be sure to include at least ONE OPTIONAL
piece of information. This will require you to research several sites:
a. Employment—bls.gov/OCO, newspapers, person in field (interview),
google, bing
b. Residence-newspapers, magazines, realtor, realtor.com
i. Refer to mortgage/auto calculator worksheet
c. Vehicles-newspaper, Autotrader magazine, cars.com
i. Refer to mortgage/auto calculator worksheet
d. Optional-newspaper, google, bing, etc
2. Print source page(s), highlight necessary information and staple together in the
following order: employment, residence, vehicles, optional
3. Staple to the inside, right side of folder, in this order: Budget Report Worksheet,
sources packet, Mortgage and Car Loan Calculator Sheet
a. Insert Checklist for Budget Worksheet into folder (-5 points if checklist
Prompt: Now that you’ve read the textbook and/or articles, taken notes, performed your career and
lifestyle research, and completed your budget report worksheet, you are ready to prepare your final
Based on your anticipated career, lifestyle, and spending goals in 10 years, create on an Excel spreadsheet
a realistic monthly and yearly budget that balances. YOU MUST include 10% of net income as savings
and you must clearly show how you would allocate your surplus or deficit in order to balance your
budget. Be sure to submit both the budget and the budget formulas when printing your Excel
a. Test grade
b. Due______________________
Not accepted after: ___________________
c. Be sure to discuss with an adult the expense categories and accurate dollar figures based on
your anticipated lifestyle.
i. You MUST include the full name, relationship, and telephone number of the person who
helped with the budget at the bottom of the Checklist for Budget page as it may be
verified. (-5 points if missing).
d. You MUST include the following line items in your budget:
i. School Loans
1. Associates-230/month
2. Bachelors-460/month
3. Masters-690.month
4. Doctorate-910/month
ii. Clothing
1. Business dress -300/month
2. Business casual-100/month
3. Uniform-150/month
e. Your GRAND TOTAL income MUST equal your total expenses (including savings) and
allocation of surplus/deficit.
i. Type your standard heading (assignment line Budget Report Reflection) in a Word
document. Write a 1 page reflection, Times New Roman, double spaced, discussing how
you decided to allocate your expenses in order to balance your budget.
g. Staple budget and reflection to inside left side of folder, in this order: Excel spreadsheet
original, Excel spreadsheet formulas, Reflection
h. Insert this directions page, the Problem Solving School-wide Rubric, the Checklist for
Budget Worksheet (already graded), and the Checklist for Budget into your folder. (-5 if
missing rubric, -5 if missing either checklist)