BH6003 Employee Relations Retake of Presentation 2013/14

BH6003 Employee Relations Retake of Presentation 2013/14
Students who failed or did not complete the presentation element of the Employee Relations module
need to do the following piece of work as a retake of this.
Specifically, related to the subject of The European Union and Employment Relations, students must
write a short report addressing the following question: “How does the UK’s membership of the
European Union impact employee relations in this country?”
Key Requirements
This assignment involves undertaking independent reading and research, drawing on the module
readings and materials provided. Then, to present the findings and analysis in an effective manner in a
short report (minimum 800 words maximum 1000, including references).
Report Structure
The structure of the report should be as follows:
a) Title page
b) Main body: this should outline several key points that are developed logically drawing on the
readings and materials provided. Evidence and examples should be provided to support your
key points and/or claims. Sub-headings can be used but are not compulsory.
c) Conclusion
d) List of References and Sources (NB minimum of three appropriate academic readings to be
used, e.g. book chapters or journal articles).
The report should be based on the module textbook and workshop readings and sources listed
below. Other sources listed in the Workshop section of StudySpace can also be used. It is not
compulsory to undertake additional original research, although this is welcomed and may
strengthen the report.
Appendices can be used to provide supplementary evidence if necessary.
Make sure to reference properly.
Avoid using bullet points, instead make sure the main body comprises sentences and
State the word count.
Marking Criteria
1) Structure: the report should have a good flow.
2) Analysis: analysis of the question/topic should be based on the readings and material provided.
There should be evidence of logical development of key points and appropriate examples should
be provided to support your key points.
3) Referencing: There should be a properly constructed list of references using the Harvard
referencing system. The workhop reading list for the related topic is outlined below.
This assignment must be submitted via Turnitin
Submission deadline: 12 noon on Friday 22 August 2014
BH3003 Employee Relations Workshop - The European Union & Employee Relations
Aims & objectives
The purpose of this workshop is to consider the significance of Britain’s membership of the
European Union for employee relations in the UK.
Required Preparation
Leat, M. (2007): Exploring Employee Relations, 2nd edition, Oxford: ButterworthHeinemann, chapter 4.
Hyman, R. (2010): ‘British Industrial Relations: The European Dimension’, pp. 54-79 in T.
Colling and M Terry (eds.) Industrial Relations: theory & practice, 3rd edition,
Chichester: Wiley.
Additional Reading
Trade Union Congress (2006): Europe and Your Rights at Work, available from
Barnard, C., Deakin, S. and Hobbs, R. (2003): “ ‘Fog in the Channel, continent isolated’:
Britain as a model for social and economic policy?”, Industrial Relations Journal, 34 (5):
461-76 (pages 461-9 & 475)
Dolvik, J. And Visser, J. (2009): ‘Free movement, equal treatment and workers’ rights: can
the European Union solve its trilemma of fundamental principles?’, Industrial Relations
Journal, 40(6): 491-509.
Waddington, J. (2011): ‘European works councils: the challenge for labour’, Industrial
Relations Journal 42(6): 508–529.
Discussion Questions
How do the economic aspects of the European Union impact on employee relations in the
Does the EU legislation on European Works Councils give workers in European companies
strong rights to participate in decision-making?
How would you evaluate the significance of EU employment legislation for employees and
trade unions in the UK? Discuss with reference to anti-discrimination legislation and the
Working Time Directive.