Summer Reading Assignment

To: Enrollees in Junior AP Language and Composition for 2012-13
From: Course instructors, Ms. Robbins/Ms. Weiser/Ms. Henry
Simsbury High School offers the Junior AP Language and Composition Course
to students who
#1: have a deep interest in learning to write effectively
#2: are very interested in studying literature and nonfiction
#3: want to take a rigorous course with like-minded people
Before committing to AP Language and Composition, please be certain that the
course characterized here--its content, its rigor, and its cooperative methods--is one
intended for you.
The course for 2012-2013 requires that the following readings and accompanying writing
assignments be completed before the first class meeting:
All readings are from The Bedford Reader (Ninth Edition).
Please read the following selections and complete the accompanying writing
1. Nancy Mairs’s “Disability” (13)
2. Amy Tan’s “Fish Cheeks” (94)
 Questions on Meaning & Strategy (p. 96)
3. Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Silent Dancing” (162)
 Questions on Meaning & Strategy (p. 170)
4. Barbara Lazear Ascher’s “On Compassion” (195)
 Questions on Meaning & Strategy (p. 198)
5. Brent Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space” (205)
1. Questions on Meaning & Strategy (p. 208)
All responses should be typed.
Be prepared for one or more of the following assessments on the readings: test, quizzes,
discussion, paper, etc. on the first day of school.
We look forward to learning with you next year.