Questions to Ask Speakers

Speakers in the Schools
Questions to Ask the Speaker
As you prepare for your Speakers in the Schools engagement, review the following questions with the
The setting:
 Are there particular directions to the school you might need or are confused about?
 How will you be arriving? By car or public transportation?
 What is the approximate time you will be arriving?
 Would you be more comfortable if I waited at the entrance of the school for you or if you
found your way to the classroom yourself? (Explain your school’s visitor policy).
 Do you have A/V needs? If so, what? What are some things that I might be able to supply for
you? (Discuss what the school might be able to supply).
 Would you like certain equipment to be set up before your arrival?
 Is there a particular way you would like the classroom to be arranged?
The students:
 What are some things you would like to know about the students? (Their personalities, ages,
behavior, general interest in the lecture topic, etc.).
 Do you have any history working/speaking with high school students? If so, what was that
experience like?
 How involved will the students be during the lecture? How could we get them more
involved? How can we keep their attention on the topic?
 Will you call on students at random? Would you like me to provide a seating chart or have
students wear name tags?
The lecture:
 What do I need to know need to know before the lecture? What do students need to know
before the lecture?
 Do you have any recommended readings (short texts such as primary documents, articles,
etc.) website, or other sources you would like us to take a look at?
 What is some background information or readings you would recommend for me and the
students prior to your lecture?
 How else can I prepare my students for your lecture?
 How involved would you like me to be during the lecture?
 What will the structure of your lecture be? How will you structure your allotted time?
 What is your general lecturing style like?
 Will you be bringing in any handouts or reading material? Will there be visuals or power
 Would you like the students to take notes?
After the lecture:
 What was your overall impression of the lecture and the students?
 How could I further my students’ knowledge about this topic?
 What are some ways that I could get my students more involved in the topic or the
humanities in general? (e.g. Recommended readings, visuals, resources, etc.).
 Would you like a follow up of the students’ responses to the lecture?