Great Canadians of the 1920s

Great Canadians of the 1920s
You are to research a “great” Canadian from the 1920s. Answer the following
questions about your great Canadian based on the research you have done.
Name of your Great Canadian: _________________________________
Great Canadian’s Job: __________________________________________
1. What change did he/she want for Canada?
2. Who helped the great Canadian and why did other people want to help him or
3. Who would not help the great Canadian or tried to stop him or her, and why?
4. How did he/she try to bring about this change?
5. Was he/she successful?
6. Why or why not?
7. Do you agree that this Canadian was a “great” Canadian? Explain your answer.
Great Canadians of the 1920s
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Harold Rogers
Sir Frederick Banting
Mary Pickford
Tom Longboat
Dr. James Naismith
Alexander Graham Bell
Armand Bombardier
Billy Bishop
Roy Brown
Agnes MacPhail
Emily Murphy
Nellie McClung
Irene Parlby
Henrietta Muir Edwards
Louise McKinney
Pauline Johnson
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Joe Shuster
Stephen Leacock
Lionel Conacher
Group of Seven
Ethel Cartherwood
The Edmonton Grads
Charlotte Whitton
Arthur Meighen