History 30 Essay Topics

History 30 Course Outline
History 30 is a survey course of Canadian History which covers Canadian History from
the time of the first contact between the Europeans and the First Nations up until the
present day.
We study Canada and the world today through in-depth discussions of current events. We
attempt to understand what it means to be a Canadian and what constitutes Canada today.
Parliamentary debates are an important part of our course. Students learn about Canada’s
Parliamentary system while taking on a roll of a member of parliament to debate current
political topics.
We study the History of Canada to understand how the nation has evolved to where it is
now, and how events from the past have impacted Canada today. Canada’s “coming of
age” is followed through our democratic evolution and our roll on the world stage as an
independent country. We also learn about the Leaders and personalities from Canada’s
past and we attempt to create a sense of pride and appreciation for our history.
Essays and assignments
Final exam
Debates, homework, participation 20%