Vstupní test do kurzu

Vstupní test do kurzu - BRIDGES
Zaškrtni správnou odpověď a), b), c), nebo d). Pouze jedna možnost je správná.
33. It …….. when I got up.
a) raining
b) was raining
c) rains
d) rain
34. As he …… out of the bank he dropped the bag with the hamburger.
a) ran out
b) run out
c) was running
d) run
35. Could I have ….. tea please ?
a) many
b) plenty
c) a little
d) a few
36. My uncle is …. shopkeeper. He´s ….. only person I have.
a) the, a
b) a, a
c) the, the
d) a, the
37. Do you enjoy …. alone ?
a) to live
b) live
c) living
d) to life
38. What ….. wrong ?
a) go
b) went
c) were
d) hapened
39. It was the…… exciting experience.
a) more
b) better
c) most
d) very
38. He´s …. smart as his dad.
a) like
b) to
c) than
d) as
40. How long …….you …… Paul ?
a) have,known b) do, known
c) did, knew
d) do, know
41. This building ´s been a school ….. 1985.
a) from
b) since
c) til
d) untill
42. My parents …. work six days a week.
a) must
b) have got to
c) have to
d) musted
43. I think you ….. talk to your boss. He looks angry
a) would
b) should
c) shall
d) could to
44. You´ll have to …… your job if you don´t stop your silly behaviour.
a) release
b) fire
c) decide
d) give up
45. If it ……….. we will stay at home.
a) will rain
b) rains
46. As soon as I arrive I ….. phone you.
c) rained
d) rain
a) will
b) phones
c) going to
d) would
47. When I was a child, we ….go to Scotland for our holidays.
a) usually
b) used to
c) went
d) wanted
48. That´s a good idea. Let´s go ….
a) to shop
b) shopping
c) for a shopping
d) shop
49. He´s ….. handsome man !
a) such a
b) so
c) so a
d) much
50. Most rice …… in China and Vietnam.
a) is grown
b) was grew
c) being grown
d) gorwn
51. Oh dear ! I …….. the bus
a) lost
b) have lost
d) disappeared
c) missed
52. If I …… in a country I would have a horse.
a) would live
b) lived
c) live
d) d´live
53. If he …. here, he´d know what to do.
a) d´be
b) is
c) were
d) had been
54. How do you ….. with your parents ?
a) maintain
b) get on
c) get up
d) get well
55. How long…… she been standing there ?
a) is
b) is going
c) was
d) has
56. I …… English for three years.
a) learn
b) study
d) have been learning
c) coped for
57. He´s a very rich man. Really ? I didn´t know he´s so ……
a) honest
b) poor
c) wealthy
d) waste
58. When Saskia arrived home, Bradley …. already packed his case.
a) have
b) had
c) would
d) would had
59. They got mad because she …. got married before telling them.
a) were
b) ´d
c) has
d) have
60. He said he ….. Anna and Mary very much.
a) likes
b) liked
c) had like
d) like