Volcano and Earthquake Vocabulary

Volcano and Earthquake Vocabulary
I have: Reverse Fault
I have: Focus
Who has: a force exerted when an object presses
on, pulls on, or pushes against?
Who has: the point on earth’s surface directly
above the focus?
I have: Stress
I have: Epicenter
Who has: a shaking of the ground caused by the
sudden movement of large blocks of rock along
Who has: the fastest kind of seismic wave? I can
travel through all material.
I have:
I have:
Primary Wave
Who has: vibrations caused by earthquakes?
Who has: The second fastest seismic wave? I
can travel only through solids
I have:
I have:
Seismic waves
Secondary Wave
Who has: stress that pushes block of rock
Who has: The slowest of the seismic waves? I
cause the most damage.
I have:
I have:
Strike-slip fault
Surface Waves
Who has:
a fracture or break in the Earth’s
lithosphere along which block of rock causing
Who has: the instrument that constantly records
ground movements?
I have:
I have:
Who has: the kind of fault that is caused by stress
that pulls rocks apart?
Who has: the recording produced by the
I have:
I have:
Normal fault
Who has: the point underground where rocks first
begin to move in an earthquake?
Who has: the smaller earthquake that follows a
larger one?
I have:
Who has:
process of shaking in which shaking
the ground causes soil to act like a liquid?
I have:
I have: a Shield volcano
Who has: the term that describes when a
volcano erupts, lava comes down the side of the
volcano usually very slow? It can be very
I have: Lava Flow
Who has: a water wave that is triggered by
earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or landslides?
Who has: The substance that settles to the
ground after a volcanic eruption, I can cause roof
of buildings to collapse?
I have:
I have:
Volcanic Ash
Who has: an opening in Earth’s crust through
which molten rock, rock fragments, and hot gases
Who has: The landslide that occurs when loose
rocks and soil are mixed with water? I can burry
entire town miles away from the actual eruption.
I have:
I have:
Who has: Magma that has reached earth’s surface?
Who has:
the volcano type that has steep
sides? I am known for erupting rock fragments
that pile up around me.
I have:
I have:
A Cinder-cone Volcano
Who has: the material that is made mostly of silica Who has: the type of volcano that is very
and dissolved gases?
explosive? Its’ magma has very high silica
content and a lot of dissolved gases.
I have:
Who has: The dense cloud of superhot gas and
rock fragments that race downhill at 1500 degrees
and travels at 100 miles per hour?
I have:
A composite or strato volcano
Who has: The dangerous event when magma
comes near on in contact with water?
I have:
I have:
Steam Explosions
Pyroclastic Flow
Who has:
the volcano type that has a low
amount of silica and dissolved gases?
Who has: the process that a seismologist must
undergo in order to find the epicenter of an
I have: The “ring of Fire”
I have:
Who has: Three types of rock fragments that
erupt from a volcanic eruption?
Who has: The location around the pacific ocean
where 80% of Earth Seismic and Volcanic
Activity happen?
I have:
Ash, Cinders, and Blocks
Who has: the kind of fault where blocks of rock
move up the fault plain relative to the other block
of rock?