Latin America Cultural Legacy Test Bank

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Latin America Cultural Legacy Study Guide
SS6G1, SS6G3, SS6H1, SS6H2
Multiple Choice – Choose the best answer.
1. What connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? Panama Canal
2. What is the mountain range in Mexico? Sierrra Madre
3. What is the largest country in South America? Brazil
4. What country shares a border with the United States? Mexico
5. One of the largest urban areas in the world is centered around: Mexico City
6. What is the main religion of Latin America? Roman Catholic
7. What is an important natural resource for Mexico and Venezuela? oil
8. Which ancient civilization built intricate stone roads and buildings? Inca
9. Who conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortes
10. Who conquered the Incas? Francisco Pizzaro
11. What helped Spanish explorers defeat the Incas and Aztecs? Small pox/disease
12. What was a major effect of the Columbian Exchange? a. decline of indigenous
population, agriculture change, introduction of the horse
13. Why did European settlers prefer Africans to work on their land? Immune to the
14. Who brought independence to Columbia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and
Bolivia? Simon Bolivar
15. What Catholic priest started the independence movement in Mexico? Miguel
16. Which of the following events occurred as a result European exploration of the
Americas in the 1400s and the 1500s?
a. the discovery and use of the Northwest Passage to Asia
b. the invention of the astrolabe, which improved navigation
c. the destruction of the Aztec and Incan civilizations
d. the discovery that only the Atlantic Ocean separated Asia from Europe
17. In the 1500s, the Incan civilization was conquered by Spanish soldiers led by
18. Part of the Columbian Exchange between Europe and the Americas included the
a. movement of many indigenous Americans to Europe
b. movement of goods on shipping routes across the Pacific
c. introduction of new crops to Europe and the Americas
d. introduction of mass production and factory buildings to the Americas
19. Cortes and Pizarro were able to conquer the Aztecs and the Incas because disease
killed them and made them weak
20. The African slave trade grew because European nations wanted the captured
Africans to work on__to work on plantations
21. Spain colonized many countries in Latin America. How is Spain’s influence still
seen in these countries today? Religion and language
22. Which Latin American country is the only one whose language and culture have
been greatly influenced by Portugal, because it was the only colony of Portugal in the
region? Brazil
23. Which country had the most significant impact on the language and religion of Latin
America? Spain
24. In the 1800s, Miguel Hidalgo helped to inspire the people of Mexico to rise up
against which country and eventually gain independence? Spain
25. After a ten-year struggle, Haiti was the first nation in Latin America to gain
independence in 1804. How did Haiti win its independence from France? in a revolt led
by the former slave, Toussaint L’Ouverture
26. “The Liberator” who led Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador in their
successful fight for independence from Spain was Simon Bolivar
Use the map above. Choose the best answer for questions 46-49.
27. Which physical feature is found near the “1” on the map? Sierra Madre
28. Which physical feature is found near the “6” on the map? Atacama Dessert
29. At which number on the map is the Caribbean Sea? 2
30. The Amazon River is found at which number on the map? 4