The intent of this letter is to express our complete and extreme

The intent of this letter is to express our complete and extreme opposition to the 7679
Iowa Gulch Road Zone Change Proposal, case # 14-125987RZ, impacting 52 acres on
Highway 285. As home and property owners in The Homestead for nearly 20 years, we
consider this proposal at best insulting to our neighborhood and at worst, disastrous. It is
impossible to identify a single positive aspect to this plan and the negatives are too
numerous to ignore for both Jefferson County and for the adversely affected residents of
The Homestead.
The development as proposed would put impossible stress on every level of infrastructure
in the area, including highways & county roads, electricity, and water. The increased
vehicle traffic initially for construction and later for usage of the facilities would
undoubtedly result in more accidents and more roadwork needed on Hwy 285, costly to
the county and ultimately to the taxpayers of the county. The noise from construction
and operation of any commercial development would have an extremely negative impact
on residents and wildlife alike. The destruction of forestland would be irreparable, much
to the detriment of this beautiful area.
It is our belief that The Homestead was established to attract people who value a peaceful
and private lifestyle and who are conscientious custodians of their properties. Any
development such as this proposal would allow is completely contrary to this desired way
of life. It would reduce property values significantly and consequently property tax
revenue to the county.
The certain failure of any project such as the one proposed would result in a massive scar
of derelict development on the hillside. We respectfully request that as a Jefferson
County Commissioner you will reject this Rezoning Proposal and send a strong message
to the developers that The Homestead is not an appropriate location for their misguided
Thank You,
Ted Lones and Janet Lepp
7485 Ridge Crest Lane
Morrison, CO 80465