Book of the Month - Mrs. Bunts Language Arts

Book of the
The Who, What, Where,
When, Why, and How
Book Selection
 Your
first book needs to be picked by
class on December 1/ December 2. OR
 Since this is so late-the paper will be due
on December 18/ December 19…the last
days of class before break
 This gives you a shorter amount of time so
get your choices in early-the sooner you
read it the sooner you can begin.
Suggested Titles
 To
Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee
 White Fang- Jack London
 Down The Rabbit Hole- Peter Abrahams
 FEVER 1793- Laurie Halse Anderson
 Other
titles can be found easily by
googling suggested 7th grade reading
Library Addresses
700 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030
Phone:(305) 246-0168
Open until 9 Tuesday and Wednesday and 6
other days
Naranja- 14850 SW 280th St, Homestead, FL
33032 Phone:(305) 242-2290
You may borrow books from me but you have
to sign them out and sign them back in when
you return it-if they are not returned you must
replace them.
 Size
12 Times New Roman Font Double
Spaced-One to two pages
 See board for formatting
 Begins
with a summary of the book
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
This should be one to two paragraphs
The meat of the paper
 Your
review of the book
Did you like the story? / What do you think
of it?
What did you like best/least about the
book? Why?
Which character is your favourite? Why?
Would you recommend the story? Why or
why not?
Which character do you most relate to?
paragraph is five to seven (5-7) well
written sentences
 Always read it out loud and to yourself-to
catch spelling/grammar errors
 This will be graded-so doing your best is in
your best interest