"I am a 65 year old active male person, planning to retire in the next

"I am a 65 year old active male person, planning to retire in the next year. About
two years ago, May 2006, I started to experience shortness of breath and chest
pain while climbing ladders and walking really fast. I went to my physician who
referred me to a cardiologist. Several tests were ordered and the doctors told me
I had a bad heart valve, but surgery was not needed yet. I was very unhappy.
Something was not right. I had chest pain everytime I exerted myself. I was
frustrated nothing was being done.
I went to get a second opinion and saw Dr. Phanucharas. He reviewed my
medical records and repeated a previous test he felt was of poor quality. He
advised me that I needed a new heart valve and to take it easy until it could be
scheduled. I was waiting for January 2007 to change insurance plans through
my employer.
Three months later, I attended a black-tie fundraiser and I danced the swing
with my wife. I started to feel chest tightness, difficulty breathing and dizziness. I
sat back down and then blacked out. I woke up on the ground with two
physicians looking over me. I was taken to the room emergency room and
eventually transferred to my covered hospital. I called Dr. Phanucharas on his
cell phone. He spoke to the cardiologist and explained that I needed a new heart
valve. Another angiogram was done and confirmed Dr. Phanucharas's opinion.
I had my open heart surgery November 2006 and Dr. Phanucharas helped me
choose a qualified, highly recommended surgeon in the medical community.
After surgery, I was miserable in the hospital. I didn't want to eat or drink.
Everything was so bland and difficult to swallow. I developed kidney failure and
had to be taken off one of my diabetic pills. I wanted to go home very badly. Dr.
Phanucharas convinced the hospital doctor to send me home in his care. I was
discharged home without any special instructions to manage my blood sugars.
Dr. Phanucharas ordered insulin for me and called every few days to adjust the
insulin dose and make sure I was drinking my daily pitcher of water.
Six weeks later, I felt better and stronger with rehab. I am able to return to the
gym as before, walk faster and longer distances without chest pain or shortness
of breath. Dr. Phanucharas is a great doctor. He will take care of you. He really
pays attention to all your meds and illnesses. He cares about his patients a great
deal and is very passionate about getting you well".
Anonymous patient, Steam Engineer for a Pharmaceutical Company,
Patient since 2006