College of DuPage Phase II Homeland Security Training Center

College of DuPage
Homeland Security Training Center
Phase II
Homeland Security Training Center
•  These weapons will be used by state, local and federal law
enforcement officials as well as private citizens who are not allowed
to bring their personal weapons to campus.
•  The Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA) takes 200 cadets
through each year with firearm qualification as a required part of
the training.
•  Law enforcement agencies employ between 20-300 employees that
must qualify several times a year.
•  Private citizens enrolled in Conceal and Carry, NRA basic pistol
training, armed security guard training, etc.
Bid Process for Weapons
• RFP Released and Known Providers Contacted
• Nine Vendors Contacted, Five Requested Information,
Three Bids Received
Clyde Armory
Kiesler Police Supply
Ray O'Herron
Firearms Bid Tabulation
Smith and Wesson
.40 caliber
(Quantity 11)
(Quantity 24)
No bid
No bid
No bid
Colt LE M4
(Quantity 24)