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START sentence organizer for summaries

Summary of Informational Text
S”T”ART Sentence
Source: magazine, newspaper, etc. (If your paper is handwritten, underline the source. If typed, italicize.
article ___________________________________________________________________________
“Title” of the article in quotes; capitalize all major words over five letters long, and all nouns and verbs.
Author: In general, you use first and last name
of the author(s) first time it is mentioned, and
last name only after that. If more than one, list
all authors. If no name is given, write “the
right verb, for example: argue(s),
explain(s), suggest(s), inform(s),
describe(s), discuss(es), propose(s),
describing the purpose of the reading.
Avoid: says, tells, writes.
topic: In a few words, describe what the article is about. If possible, do not include exact words from the
title in the description of the topic.
Rewrite your completed START sentence here: