2015 Bull Test Rules

Kansas Bull Test #75 2015 Spring Test
Testing bulls born January 1 - April 15, 2015
Important Testing Dates:
October 5, 2015
Completed Nomination forms due to Kansas Bull Development, LLC.
Friday, October 23 & 24, 2015
Delivery of bulls to Kansas Bull Development, LLC. Wamego, KS
November 3 & 5, 2015
Beginning weigh dates, official test start
December 30, 2015
56 day weight, test mid point
February 23 & 25, 2016
Final weigh dates, official test ending
April 6, 2016
Bull Test Sale, Mitchell County Fairgrounds, Beloit, KS
** Note – Completed nominations not received by October 5, 2015 will have $20.00 per head added.
Requirements for Entry
1. Bulls must be owned for at least thirty days prior to delivery at Kansas Bull Development, LLC.
2. Only registered bulls are eligible for the Kansas Bull Test sale.
3. Completed nomination forms must be received at Kansas Bull Development, LLC, no later than October 5, 2015.
Entries may be mailed to 9760 Onaga Rd., Wamego, KS 66547. The nomination fee of $90 per bull for both
Kansas and out-of-state bulls must be received with the nomination form. If completed nomination forms are late
there will be $20.00 per head added.
4. Health Requirement Page and Completed Nomination Forms are required to accompany each bull to the test
5. All bulls must be born January 1-April 15, 2015, to be eligible for the Spring Test.
6. Bulls must have legible tattoos that match the registration certificate.
7. Minimum weight upon arrival must be greater than 2.3 pounds per day of age.
8. The registration certificate (or copy if they are registered electronically) should accompany each bull to the test
station. No data will be published until a copy of the certificate is on file.
9. Bulls must be delivered to Kansas Bull Development, LLC by Saturday, October 24, 2015.
10. The test manager has the right to refuse entry to any bull that is deemed to be unacceptable (health, structural
soundness, disposition, etc.) at the time of delivery or anytime throughout the testing period as determined by the
test manager and/or a veterinarian.
Health Requirements
The following recommendations constitute the health program for bulls to be tested at KBT. It is in your best interest
to protect the health of your bulls.
The following vaccines should be given 2-4 weeks before shipping to KBT. The most desirable procedure would be to
vaccinate at least two weeks before weaning and wean about six weeks before shipping. Avoid weaning, vaccinating,
and shipping bulls to KBT on the same date. Please refer to the KBT website for the complete list of vaccine
requirements. One round of shots are required and two rounds of shots are highly recommended.
A. 7-Way Clostridium with Hemophilus somnus bacterin
B. Modified live IBR-PI3-BVD-BRSV viral vaccines with 5-way Lepto
C. Pasteurella leukotoxoid bacterin vaccine
D. Wormed with Ivermectin or Dectomax
All bulls need PI tested with documentations, if not they will be tested at KBD upon arrival.
Testing Program
The Kansas Bull Test will be conducted and managed by Kansas Bull Development, LLC in Wamego, KS. Daily
care and feeding is the responsibility of Kansas Bull Development, LLC. We will also supervise the test, formulate
test and sale policies, and authenticate the performance of the bulls tested. The KBT board of directors will also
decide any disputes or decisions that need to be made (See 2015 Meeting Minutes explanation of Board of Directors
at Kansas bulltest.com).
1. The length of the test will be 112 days.
2. Initial weight on test will be the average of two weights taken the day prior to and the day after the official
test date. Final test weights will be an average of two weights taken the day prior to and the day after the
official test date. An intermediate (mid point) weight will be taken on day 56 of the test.
3. Official starting and ending dates will be November 4, 2015 and February 24, 2016 respectively.
4. The start/mid/final reports will all be posted online. There will be letters and postcards sent to producers and
potential buyers indicating the reports are available for viewing online.
5. All bulls will be carcass ultrasounded to determine ribeye area, backfat thickness, and percent intramuscular
fat (marbling).
6. Any bulls removed from the test facilities prior to the end of the test must be approved by the test manager,
have all incurred bills paid in full, and must pay a $150 removal fee.
7. Genomic traits will be posted in the catalog. Producers have the option to do nothing (all blanks in catalog),
enter data only (produce results but do not enhance EPD’s), or genomic enhanced EPD’s that produce data
and change EPD’s (breed specific). Producers will be asked upon arrival which option they prefer.
8. KBT wants to do our part of marketing. There is no doubt “heifer bulls” are in high demand, although that
may change in the future. For KBT #75, we will mark “low birth weight” and “Sunflower Supreme eligible”
bulls in the catalog.
9. Breeding soundness guarantee guidelines (Please refer to website)
Sale Requirements for All Breeds
1. The top 50% of the bulls within each breed are eligible to sell at the spring 2016 Kansas Bull Test Sale. The Bull
Test Committee and Kansas Bull Development, LLC obtain the right to change or adjust this percentage
according to the number of bulls on test.
2. Bulls must have an adjusted 365-day scrotal circumference of at least 32 cm.
3. All bulls eligible for the sale must pass a breeding soundness exam administered by a veterinarian. Breeding
soundness exams will be performed immediately after the conclusion of the test. Consignors with bulls that fail
will be notified immediately.
4. Consignors must declare any changes for the sale by February 8, 2016. Changes to the sale listing by removing a
bull selling will involve a $150 per head charge.
5. Please visit kansasbulltest.com to preview a sale catalog and/or test reports.
Management of Bulls and Billing Information
1. Kansas Bull Development, LLC and KBT are not responsible for any loss of any bulls by injury, death, fire, theft,
or any other causes. However, if death is caused by direct negligence of the feedlot, the feedlot shall pay the
owner of said loss. The value of any bull lost due to direct negligence of the feed yard will be determined by
$100 above the market price for a steer on the date the bull was delivered to the test station. In addition, Kansas
Bull Development, LLC will reimburse the owner for payments made to the feed yard for the care and feeding of
the bull.
2. The KBT Committee and Kansas Bull Development, LLC have no obligation or responsibility to procure
casualty insurance on tested bulls. However, it is suggested that the owner insure his bulls prior to delivery.
3. Consignors shall be responsible for notifying KBT management of any mistakes or errors of collected data,
awards, EPD’s, etc. prior to sale day.
4. Consignors will be billed monthly by Kansas Bull Development, LLC for feed, medicine, or other miscellaneous
Testing Costs
1. A $90 fee per bull for Kansas and out-of-state bulls can be made payable to Kansas Bull Test with the nomination
2. Feed, medicine, and veterinary costs are payable to Kansas Bull Development, LLC within 10 days after billing.
All accounts will be balanced on a monthly basis. Any delinquent invoices will be charged with an additional
1.5% per month.
3. Kansas Bull Development, LLC retains the right to hold bulls on accounts not current. For accounts over 90 days
past due, bulls will not be released to the owner.
4. Consignors will be responsible for ultrasound, BSE and clipping costs. All three costs mentioned can be
estimated at around $70 per bull.
5. All bulls that enter the sale ring will be charged a minimum of 11% and the maximum of 12.5% sale commission
on the final price bid or the floor price. (See 2015 Meeting Minutes at kansasbulltest.com for more information)
6. There will be a minimum floor price of $2000 for all bulls that enter the sale ring, however the consigner can set
any desired floor price.
Pick up Information
1. Bulls not consigned to the sale may be picked up after March 4, 2016.
2. Bulls consigned, but did not sell, can be picked up at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds in Beloit, KS immediately
following the sale, or they will be returned to Kansas Bull Development, LLC, Wamego, KS awaiting further
instructions. Freight, feed and yardage charges for returning to Kansas Bull Development, LLC will be incurred.
3. Bulls not sold through the sale are the responsibility of their owners. Owners must contact Kansas Bull
Development, LLC within 10 days after the Kansas Bull Test Sale with their intentions.
Kansas Bull Development, LLC 9760 Onaga Rd., Wamego, KS 66547
Brian & Megan Hagedorn: 785-458-2137 (Cell), 785-456-2636 (Home), 785-456-2722 (Office)
Fax: 785-456-2721 Email: [email protected], Webpage: kansasbulltest.com
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