Meteorology Quiz

Air Pressure/ Heat transfer Quiz Study Guide Key
Name ______key______________________________________________________ Period ____________
1. In what direction do air molecules always move? (From what pressure to what pressure?) ___________Air molecules
always want to move from areas of HIGH pressure to areas of LOW pressure. ___________________________________
2. What causes air pressure?_____Gravity_____________________________________________________________
3. What is density? _____How much mass something has for the space it takes up; how spaced apart the
molecules that make it up are_________________________________________________________________
4. Which is more dense, cold air or warm air? Why? ____Cold air is more dense because the air molecules are
closer together and moving slower______________________________________________________________
5. Short answer: (4 points)
Why is it that when the airplane door is opened mid-flight in a disaster movie, all the
luggage, papers, etc appears to get sucked out of the plane?
Using your knowledge of air pressure, describe why this would happen.
 Create a sketch of the scenario.
 In sentence form, describe how air pressure causes the scenario.
 Be sure to include and underline high pressure and low pressure in BOTH your explanation AND
____There is high pressure inside the pressurized airplane cabin and low pressure outside the plane,
because it is higher in the atmosphere AND because the air is moving by the plane really quickly
creating an area of low pressure. The air moves from high pressure inside the plan to low pressure
outside the plane, taking luggage and other materials with it._________________________
Identify the type of heat transfer that is described in each of the following. The words in the word bank will be
used more than once.
Word Bank
6. ______conduction______________
Toasting marshmallows in a campfire
7. ______convection______________
A campfire warming the campers sitting around it.
8. ______radiation________________
A metal slide getting hot on the playground
9. _______convection______________
A pool heater warming the pool (it pumps warm water into the pool)
10. _____conduction_______________
Sitting on cold leather seats in the winter
11. Use the block from the periodic table below to answer the following questions
a. How many protons are in one atom of this element? ____47________
b. How many neutrons are in one atom of this element? ____61_______
c. How many electrons are in one atom of this element? ____47__________
d. What is the atomic mass of this element? _____108__________
e. What is the atomic number of this element? ___47__________
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