Nanoparticle Safety Quiz

Nanoparticle Safety Quiz
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1. One common hazard to nano-scale particles is:
They cause cancer
They are all flammable
They can be irritant
They cause mutations of genetic materials
2. True or False – Tradition controls such as ventilation, gloves and respirators are effective
against nanoparticles.
3. Which of the following particle sizes would be consider a nanoparticle
a. 100 micron diameter
b. 5 microns diameter
c. 20 nanometers
d. 199 nanometers
4. True or False – Eating and/or drinking in the laboratory is always acceptable
5. Which of the following is true
a. Material Safety Data Sheets are only required for organic compounds
b. Labeling is optional
c. Employee who work with nanoparticles should receive basic safety information
about the nanoparticles
d. It’s not necessary to document training