Mystery Book Report

Mystery Book Report
Poster Board
Zip Lock bags (for clues)
Due Date: October 16
1. Find a mystery that interests you and is at an appropriate
level for you. Your book must be approved by your teacher.
2. Fold a poster board in half to make it look like a file folder.
On the front cover of your case report, write the name of
your detective agency, the book title, and author.
3. Location: Open your file and write the location and
appropriate time of the mystery (in other words, the
4. Case Summary: Next write a brief summary of the mystery
and label it “Case Summary.”
5. Clues: Look through the book to find clues that helped solve
the mystery. Find 3 clues that helped solve the mystery.
Include a picture or item that represents each clue. Beside
each, write information the clue revealed in the end.
6. Characters: Who was involved? Make a list of the main
characters. Beside each character, note any suspicious
behavior that occurred at any point in the story. Write
whether any additional information was revealed about each
character at the end of the story.
7. Case Solution: Finally, describe how the mystery was solved.
If any detectives deserve special mention, explain why here.
8. Sign and date your report, and pass it in to the chief
detective (your teacher).