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February 12, 2016
McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act Policies
The following District procedures pertaining to Homeless/Unaccompanied children and youth will be kept on file in
the office of the Homeless Liaison. Copies will be sent to building secretaries. This is the process for meeting the
requirements of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
 Identification of students who are currently, or about to become, Homeless/Unaccompanied will take place at
each district school sight. A district Residency Questionnaire will be available in all offices and be part of the
enrollment package.
 The Homeless Liaison should be notified and sent a copy of the Residency Questionnaire when a student is
defined as Homeless/Unaccompanied. Enrollment information for students will remain at school office, including
Residency Questionnaire.
 The Homeless Liaison should be notified, by parent or school personnel, if a students homeless status changes.
 Free and Reduced Lunch is available to any student who is determined to be Homeless/Unaccompanied. The
eligibility form will be filled out by the Food Service Director and signed by the Homeless Liaison.
 Students are eligible for transportation if they become Homeless/Unaccompanied to their school of origin. In the
event that a student’s temporary shelter should fall outside the district boundary, then both districts should split
the cost.
 Appropriate educational support will be supplied, (Title I) if needed. Assessment must occur as documentation.
 The Homeless Liaison will notify Pupil Accounting when students are identified as homeless; they will be counted
as such.
Basic District
Have a process in place to identify Homeless & Unaccompanied
Enroll students immediately * shot records, birth certificates and
residency requirements are waived. Verification occurs after
enrollment if necessary
Provide placement of the student in the educational setting that is
most appropriate for the student
Provide educational or learning resources such as Title I or At-Risk
services after initial assessment using Title I Funds as eligible
Provide Free Meals
Verify current status of the child as soon as possible
Provide a one to two paragraph statement concerning the homeless
and your districts goal for using Title I set aside money if needed