Death of a homeless man by Scott Russell1

- Attended brown university
and took a Ph.D. at Cambridge
His writing more focused on
the ironies and complexities of
human experience .
Born in Memphis,
Tennessee (1945)
A person who lost his /her house and end up
sleeping in the streets and he/she can be :
veterans , jobless or have some kind of Psychological
Some people hate dealing with the homeless
issue, but people don’t know how much the
homeless hate people and society. They don’t
feel that they have a hope. So what do you say?
Because they lost their jobs, they are lazy??????
Can we blame them if they
steal ?.. !!
1- why there is no health insurance for homeless people ??
2- why homeless people can’t find job !!
3- why a wealthy country like America can’t help it’s won people ??
4- is it because they lost their jobs, they are lazy??!!