Founding Father Bio Project

Founding Father Biography Project and Presentation
Due Date: November 2nd
In Chapter 4, we will be examining in detail the foundation of this country. You
will be assigned one of the “Founding Fathers” of this country and be writing a biography
report on him. (Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, John Adams,
Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin)
The Founding Father Project will complete as part of a small booklet. You need to
be creative with your booklet. The booklet will have a front and back cover made out of
construction paper while the middle pages will be regular paper of any color. Use only
regular size (8 ½ x 11) paper. All the sheets will be stapled together like a book.
INFORMATION. If you copy information you got from the internet or a book and paste
it onto your report, you will automatically fail the project and the presentation.
Front Cover
Must be of construction paper, any color (except white). This will have the
following information: Student Name, Period, Subject, Date, and Name of the individual
whom you will be writing about.
Page 1
Picture and Name of the Founding Father along with a famous quote they said.
You must interpret the quote in your own words.
Page 2
Short Biography of the individual (should be at least 3-4 paragraphs long)
(Biography can include: Birth, parents, family life, marriage, education, college
education, political career, military career, children, accomplishments, achievements,
cause of death. Please include the year)
Page 3
Make a timeline of his life and his accomplishments, beginning with his birth and
ending with his death. The timeline needs to include at least 20 important events or
achievements in their life.
Page 4
What was his role as a ‘Founding Father’ of the United States? What were his
accomplishments and achievements that he did that helped America out somehow (1-2
Page 5
Collage or collection of images/picture that illustrate his achievements or
Back Cover
Made out construction paper, any color (except white)
The rubric is on the second page.
Name: _____________________
Date: ___________________
Project Title: _____________________
Teacher(s): Ms. Sanchez
Founding Fathers Biography Project
Product (Project)
1. Conventions
2. Mechanics of speaking/writing
3. Organization and structure
4. Creativity
5. Content
6. Other:
Below Avg.
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
4, 5, 6
4, 5, 6
4, 5, 6
4, 5, 6
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9
7, 8, 9
7, 8, 9
7, 8, 9
7, 8, 9, 10
7, 8, 9
Total Score:____________________________
Teacher(s) Comments:
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