WINNING PLAY$, Financial Education Program

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Winning Play$: Winner of the U.S. Dept of Education Excellence in Economic
Education Award in 2010
WINNING PLAY$, Financial Education Program,
Helps Dallas High School Students get Money $mart
Thursday, February 3 – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott
and on-air financial journalist, Stacey Tisdale will launch Winning Play$, the award winning
financial literacy program, at Lincoln High School on Malcolm X Boulevard. The kick-off event
will include additional speakers such as former Dallas Cowboys Charles Haley and Rod Barksdale,
as well as a musical performance by multi-platinum Grammy-nominated Rap Producer and founder
of youth development program, Bridge da Gap, Kevin Khao Cates.
The Problem:
A financial literacy survey conducted by the JumpStart Coalition found that high school respondents
answered just 48.3 percent of survey questions correctly. White students had an average score of
52.5 percent, while Hispanic and African American students scored lower, averaging 45 percent and
41.3 percent. Sallie Mae finds that college seniors graduate with an average credit card debt of
$4,100.00, with one in five owing at least $7,000.00 by the time they get their diplomas.
A Solution:
A new program called Winning Play$ (, created by Tisdale and Lott, aims to
end the financial illiteracy crisis plaguing America’s young people.
More to Money than Dollars and Cents:
Winning Play$ is unique in that three quarters of the program focuses on the psychological and
emotional aspects of money. Students will learn how things like their gender, race, ethnicity, and the
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ways in which they see money handled by the people close to them affect their financial beliefs and
behaviors. Financial content is provided by the Council for Economic Education.
Winning Play$ incorporates the techniques of Dr. James Prochaska - named as one of the five most
influential authors in Psychology by the Institute for Scientific Information and the American
Psychological Society - for his work in the science of behavior change
Winning Play$ will be offered as a business class during a nine-week period, beginning with
Lincoln High School in Dallas, TX. The course will be taught by Lincoln High School teacher,
former NFL offensive tackle, Chad Slaughter, will teach the course.
The program goal is to reach 1 million students in five years.
To schedule and interview with any of the following, please contact Newman Communications:
 Financial Journalist and Author Stacey Tisdale
 NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott
 U.S. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
 Teachers and students participating in the program
Launch Event Details
February 3, 2010
2:30 p.m. CST
Lincoln High School
5000 Malcolm X Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75215
Confirmed Speakers:
 U.S. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
 NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott
 Financial Journalist and Author Stacey Tisdale
 Former Dallas Cowboy Charles Haley
 Former Dallas Cowboy Rod Barksdale
 Dallas students and teachers participating in the program
 Musical performance by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Rap Producer Kevin “Khao
Cates (also Founder of Youth Development Program Bridge da Gap
Invited Guests:
 Representatives from State Farm Insurance
38 Everett St, Suite 75  Allston, MA 02134  Ph: 617.202.4109  [email protected]
Representatives from the National African-American Women’s Leadership Institute
Representatives from the Council of Economic Education (CEE)
Representatives from Bank of America
Representatives from the Council for Economic Education
Athletes represented by the All Stars Helping Kids Foundation
Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa
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