Where I`m From

Where I’m From
By: Annie Johnson
Boyne City Middle School
2nd Place –Poetry
I'm from the mitten with its cold windy weather
I'm from the mountaintop with a beautiful view
I'm from the sidewalk of my street, tripping and falling
I'm from the ice cream, always forgetting money
I'm from the construction zone, guessing which room is which
I'm from the birthday parties, all orange and pink
I'm from the beach barefooted and free
I'm from the Halloween parties, finding pennies and haunted houses
I'm from school shopping with my grandma
I'm from the beaches of Florida, downing in the waves
I'm from the carnival, getting sick while eating pies
I'm from the volleyball net, serving the winning shot
I'm from the non bully zone, trying all I can
I'm from the chunky corn bread and candy corn fire
I'm from the Instagram family, all day, everyday
I'm from the hair tutorials, YouTubes my life
I'm from the wilderness, talking British and sleeping for two days
I'm from the dress up fashion show with my siblings
I'm from the Barbie radio, being left outside
I'm from the 4th of July, winning the pie eating contest
That's where I'm from!
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