Scientific Program
(Only speakers are listed, see abstracts for full list of authors)
Saturday evening 18/9/2010
19:30 - Ice breaker at Maison Internationale Universitaire
21:15 - Diner in Clermont-Ferrand at “Le Faisan Doré”
Sunday All day 19/9/2010
Field trip:
Ascending Puy de Dôme and visit of Puy de Lemptegy
Transfer from Clermont-Ferrand to Besse
Monday Morning 20/9/2010
9:00 - Jean-Michel Douchain
Auvergne seismic network: an overview
9:30 - Franck Donnadieu
How Doppler radar can help linking surface explosive activity to magmatic conduit processes
10:00 - Sébastien Valade
From conduit to surface dynamics at Arenal (Costa Rica): insights from Doppler radar and broadband
seismic data
10:30 - Coffee break
11:00 - Mathieu Gouhier
Real-Time monitoring of ash clouds dispersion using HotVolc Observation System (HVOS): Insights
from MSG-SEVIRI measurements
11:30 - Aurélien Augier
The April 2007 caldera collapse at Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion Island, imaged with InSAR and
“tomography like” modelling
12:30 - Lunch
Monday Afternoon 20/9/2010
14:00 - Tony Hurst
Seismo-acoustic monitoring as part of integrated studies of Crater Lakes
14:30 - Susanna Falsaperla
Fracture Reactivation and Magma Intrusion: The Case of the 1989 Fissure System at Mt Etna, Italy
15:00 - Richard Wall
Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions in Extensional Tectonic Settings
15:30 - Coffee break
16:00 - Rosanna Smith
Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring in the Laboratory to Help Understand Volcano Seismicity
16:30 - Ben Van Wyk de Vries
Debris avalanches: relations between sedimentary aspects and kinematics of localized systems: interest
of large scale models
17:00 - Tony Hurst (Last minute addition – no abstract)
The September 4, 2010 earthquake near Christchurch (New Zealand)
Monday Night 20/9/2010
Auvergne cheese and wine tasting session
Tuesday All day 21/9/2010
Field trip :
Ascending Puy de Sancy and visit of Lac Pavin
Tuesday Night 21/9/2010
International white wine tasting session
Wednesday Morning 22/9/2010
9:00 - Minoru Takeo
Source process of long-period seismic pulses, and non-linear dynamics of long-period volcanic tremors
observed at Mt. Asama
9:30 - Eliecer Duarte
Radon Anomalies and Seismicity related to extraordinary volcanic activity. Arenal and Turrialba
volcanoes, Costa Rica
10:00 - Cristian Farias
On the relationship between great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Chile since 1900, with an
application to the damage caused by the recent MW = 8:8 offshore Maule event
10:30 - Coffee break
11:00 - Agathe Schmid
Pre-eruptive patterns from multi-parameter monitoring on Piton de la Fournaise volcano: implications
for predictability
11:30 - Laurence Perrier
Locating sources of explosion quakes and long-period events at Yasur volcano, Vanuatu
12:30 – Lunch
Wednesday Afternoon 22/9/2010
14:00 - Jean-François Lénat
Relationships between earthquakes, hydrothermal systems and eruptions: the case of Piton de la
14:30 - Eliecer Duarte (Last minute addition – no abstract)
Impact of volcanic gases and aerosols on vegetation around Turialba volcano, Costa Rica
15:00 - Philippe Jousset
Eruption source processes derived from seismic and acoustic observations of the 25 september 2007
Ruapehu eruption – North island, New Zealand
15:30 - Coffee break
16:00 - Philippe Lesage
Broad band seismic observations of vulcanian explosions, during the 2005 eruptive crisis of Volcán de
Colima, Mexico
16:30 - Virginie Pinel
Insight into the dynamics of the magma plumbing system through seismicity rate evolution
17:00 - Agathe Schmid
Brittle seismic damage before eruptions, an insight on the pre-eruptive mechanisms
17:30 - Heidi Soosalu
Lower crustal earthquakes at Askja volcano, Iceland: multi-location melt supply from the mantle within
a single volcanic system
Thursday Morning 23/9/2010
9:00 - Roberto Carniel
Applying blind separation techniques to seismic noise
9:30 - Juergen Neuberg "Locko"
Mission Impossible: moment tensor inversion for volcanic events
10:00 - Mark Thomas
Linking observations at active volcanoes to physical processes through conduit flow modeling. How is
it done, What do we need ?
10:30 - Coffee break
11:00 - Juergen Neuberg "Locko"
An up-date on gas storage, transport and mass balance in volcanic systems
11:30 - Philippe Jousset
First geophysical ground observations for volcanic risk mitigation within MIAVITA FP7 project:
examples from Kanlaon (Philippines), Merapi (Indonesia) and Fogo (Cape Verde) volcanoes
12:30 - Lunch
Thursday Afternoon 23/9/2010
14:00 - Adrian Jolly
The cycle of a disaster
14:30 - Mario Ruiz
Chugging signals at Reventador volcano, Ecuador
15:00 - Elodie Rivemale
Volcanic activity initiation inferred over a decade of micro-seismicity monitoring at Piton de la
Fournaise volcano
15:30 - Coffee break
16:00 - Philippe Jousset
Seismic Tomography and Long-Period Earthquakes Observation and Modelling at the Hengill
Geothermal Volcanic Complex, Iceland
16:30 - Jean Battaglia
Very Broad-Band seismicity related to the 2007 step-by-step collapse of the Dolomieu crater, Piton de la
Fournaise Volcano (La Réunion Island)
Thursday Night 22/9/2010
International red wine tasting session
Friday All day 24/9/2010
Field trip :
Visit of Perrier outcrop and transfer to Clermont-Ferrand.
Visit of the Laboratoire Magma et Volcans in Clermont-Ferrand.
Visit of Vulcania
Diner in Blanzat
Night in Clermont-Ferrand at "Maison Universitaire Internationale"