essay instructions

Class period
“Shah Abbas and Cultural Blending”
This is the first paragraph. In this paragraph, make sure you introduce Shah
Abbas and his Safavid empire. Include information to help your reader understand why
this person is important. You also need to make sure your sentences lead up to your
claim. The claim, or thesis statement, is what your entire essay is about. Mr. Earls and
Mr. Deal gave you the claim for this essay. The next sentence is your claim. Shah
Abbas’s policies of cultural blending led directly to a golden age and a strengthened
Safavid empire.
Shah Abbas’s policies of cultural blending led directly to a Golden Age.
Make sure that you bold your topic sentence. Every paragraph should also have two
pieces of evidence. Make sure you underline each piece of evidence. After your
evidence, you need to explain how your evidence supports your claim. This might take
one, two, or even three sentences. After you explain your first evidence, write your next
piece of evidence and make sure you underline it. Then, again, explain your evidence by
making it support your claim. This might take a few sentences. It is vital to your essay
to make your evidence support your claim by your explanation.
Shah Abbas’s policies of cultural blending led to a strengthened Safavid
Empire. This is the topic sentence for your third paragraph. Make sure you have two
pieces of evidence that support this topic sentence. Underline your evidence and make
sure you explain how it connects to the topic sentence. Your second piece of evidence
should also be underlined. Both pieces of evidence should support your bolded topic
sentence. You can explain these in one, two, or three sentences.
Your last paragraph is your conclusion. This paragraph does not need a topic
sentence or any evidence. You are simply telling your reader what you already told
them. You are “summing up” what you said in your second and third paragraphs. Mr.
Earls and Mr. Deal have sought to walk you through the process of writing a good essay.
If you follow our instructions, you will have success with each essay now and in the
future. Our next essay will be about the Ming dynasty in China. We will begin that the
week prior to Thanksgiving.