Contribution form grades 1 - 3

Application for Award of Contribution Salary Point (SUPPORT STAFF GRADES 1 TO 3)
Each of the standard salary scales has a small number of contribution-related salary points above the top of the
normal incremental scale. This application form asks you to provide evidence of an exceptional and sustained
contribution beyond that normally expected of the role in order to qualify for access to these contribution points.
Please note that it is not necessary to provide evidence under every section: focus on your key
Job Title:
Spine point number (if known):
Five features of your work are identified below. You are invited to provide evidence under any where you
consider that you can demonstrate an EXCEPTIONAL and SUSTAINED contribution beyond that normally
expected of the role. In particular, you should identify where you have made a clear personal contribution
to the successful achievement of specific Faculty/Directorate/University objectives.
1 .Achievement
Success in meeting and exceeding your objectives and responsibilities within agreed timescales. Achievement of exceptional
personal goals and standards. Outstanding quality of work. Evidence of a sustained contribution to the University over and
above that required of the role.
Work is consistently of a very high quality.
- Manager/Supervisor is confident that very little supervision is required, and the employee can be relied upon to maintain a
very high standard of performance.
2. Motivation and Teamwork
Evidence of commitment and flexibility in contributing to key university objectives, and a desire to succeed. Positive and
enthusiastic approach to the work required of the post. Demonstrating a professional and positive attitude to work and providing
a role model for colleagues. Willingness to work effectively with others and in doing so making outstanding contributions to the
service provided. Evidence of contribution to the success of the team as well as achieving personal goals.
Identified as a role model for new staff and giving guidance to colleagues:
- Shows flexibility and a willingness to work in other areas to help out, e.g. when other staff are absent without prior
consultation and/or at short notice
- An excellent attendance and timekeeping record
- Good working relationships maintained consistently with work colleagues
- Responds positively to advice or suggestions for improved performance
- Willing to learn and embrace/promote new ways of working to improve customer service
- Shows a positive response to any criticism of work or proposed changes in work practices
3. Service to customers/colleagues/students
A positive and exceptional contribution to the delivery of the unit’s services to others (e.g. academic and non-academic staff,
students), thereby helping them to achieve their objectives/goals. Evidence of being willing to take ownership to resolve
problems and of being trusted and respected by others to get things done.
Good record of developing relationships/building rapport with students as customers to enhance the service provided:
- Keeps an eye out for potential problems/issues that may affect students
- Takes pride in their area of work
4. Continuous Improvement
Evidence of success in finding effective new ways of performing the role and contributing to the improvement of the
performance of the department/faculty/directorate as a whole.
Finds innovative ways of working, using equipment in the best way possible to ‘get the job done’:
- Willingness to attend training and to implement/share learning from it
5. Personal/Professional Development
Successful engagement in relevant personal or professional activities evidenced by the acquisition and use of additional or
higher levels of competency of demonstrable benefit to the Faculty/Directorate/University and to the individual in their role and
future roles within the University.
Willingness to attend and then implement/share learning from training
Line manager (completed in full):
I confirm that the evidence contained in this
application is accurate.
(please delete as appropriate)
I confirm that the applicant has achieved their
(please delete as appropriate)
Please explain why you believe this individual’s contribution is exceptional and sustained and whether
you support the award of a contribution point.
(If the employee has been at the top of the standard scale for a year or more and has changed post in the
last year, without a change of spine point, please comment on the extent to which the new post is similar
to the old post.)
Recommended for award of Contribution Point:
(please delete as appropriate)
Line manager name: (please print)
Dean/Director: (completed in full)
Please explain why you, as Dean/Director, believe this colleague’s contribution is exceptional and
sustained and whether you support the award of a contribution point:
Recommended for award of Contribution Point:
YES/NO (please delete as appropriate)
Line manager name: (please print)