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With Dermal Fillers Now Being Used For Volumetric Filling And Contouring
In Areas Such As The Cheek, Chin and Jaw Line, The Future Of Cosmetic Enhancement
Belongs To Injectibles
(November 2006) The fact that increasing numbers of Canadians are choosing to undergo noninvasive medical cosmetic enhancement procedures is not news. However, what is news,
according to Canada’s top cosmetic physicians, is that with the emergence of a new generation of
highly advanced dermal fillers – most notably Revanesse® – traditional facial surgery for
contouring, lifting and rejuvenating may soon be a thing of the past.
“Using injectibles for volumetric filling and contouring in the areas of the cheek, chin and jaw
line is the most innovative way that the newest dermal fillers are being used, and are ideal
especially because they have more longevity than other injectibles previously made available,”
explains Dr. Lisa Kellett, cosmetic dermatologist and clinical director of DLK On Avenue.
The newest generation of dermal fillers are now enabling physicians to provide full facial
rejuvenation in a multitude of ways to address the multitude of ways we age. Whereas
traditionally, dermal fillers have been used to erase fine lines and winkles, smooth deep folds and
enhance the lips, now fillers such as Revanesse are also able to improve facial contours that may
be sagging over time, ideal partially due to their longevity and partially due to their unique
Dr. Wayne Carey, esteemed Montreal cosmetic dermatologist, has been using Revanesse in
conjunction with a new injection technique to lift and plump various facial areas - all with the
use of non-invasive injectibles. Dr. Carey’s technique is called Tri-Site Bolus. Revanesse is
injected deep into the skin, only millimeters away from the facial bone, to lift musculature and
deep tissue and provide lift and rejuvenation to the face.
“I’ve been using Revanesse Ultra in the upper cheek area for sculpting and lifting the face and
with the combination of this innovative product and my new injection technique, we’re seeing
remarkable and long-lasting results,” enthuses Dr. Carey.
One of the reasons Tri-Site Bolus has been so successful is due to the lack of facial movement in
the area near the facial bone as well as the lack of hyaluranadase, an enzyme that breaks down
hyaluronic acid in the skin. These two factors are the common causes that lead to the eventual
breakdown of cosmetic dermal fillers in the skin. Coupled with the long-lasting nature of the
Revanesse family of dermal fillers, Tri-Site Bolus has proven to be a revolutionary procedure in
facial cosmetic enhancement, signaling the eventual decline of traditional surgery for facial
Revanesse is the newest innovation in dermal fillers brought to you by leading Canadian medical
technology company, Prollenium Medical. With the highest concentrations of cross-linked and
non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and a unique ingredient called Sephadex, Revanesse is
considered the most advanced dermal gel filler on the market today.
The Revanesse family of dermal fillers should only be injected by qualified health care
practitioners. For more information, please visit