9.2 Major Cultural Changes of the 1960s

Major Cultural Changes of the 1960s.
Continued growth of the middle class and rising expectations
Increased in racial justice and opportunity for minorities
Huge growth in women’s rights and opportunities, feminism
Drugs in American culture
Awareness of environmental issues
Challenging old assumptions, generation gaps
Affirmative action
Decline of religion, secularization of the schools
Rejection of societal norms and values
Sexual revolution due to birth control information and pills
Pivotal roles for sports and entertainment due to increased leisure
Violence of all kinds increases
Public demonstrations and protests
Civil Rights becomes Black Power
White backlash
Immigration reform
The growth and marketing of the counter culture
Beginning of the lost of world economic dominance
The Great Society and the War in Viet Nam run huge deficits
If we had “won” would the VN War have been cost effective
War on Poverty
Public defender
Affirmative action
Job Corps
Guaranteed income proposals
Productivity and pride of labor
Growth of “entitlements”
Begin fast food boom, life so much faster paced
Due Process of Law Revolution
Loss of respect for and confidence in the Federal Government
Johnson & Nixon as President
From the broker state to real democracy,
changes in voting and campaign laws
Kennedy v Nixon 1960
Due Process of law revolution
Baker v Carr, 1961
Johnson v Goldwater 1964
Nixon v Humphrey 1968
Tightening conflicts of Interest
Role of media increases
Increased Cold War Tensions and arms race
Questioning the Draft