Niigata 40-mm Single Screw Injection Molding

Niigata Injection Molding Machine
Niigata injection molding machine
A Niigata injection molding machine, model NE85UA4, is used to produce test
specimens. This machine has a 40 mm diameter single screw with a length/diameter ratio
of 18. The lengths of the feed, compression, and metering sections of the single screw
are 396 mm, 180 mm, and 144 mm, respectively.
We have two molds. A single cavity mold is used to produce 3.2 mm thick, 13.1 cm
diameter disks (end gated) that are used for shielding effectiveness tests. The second
mold is a four cavity mold that is used to produce 3.2 mm thick ASTM Type I tensile
bars (end gated), 3.2mm thick 6.4 cm diameter disks, 3.2 mm thick rectangular bars (12.6
cm long by 12.7 mm wide, end gated), and a small tensile bar.
Four Cavity Mold for Injection Molding Test Specimens