Chapter 8 Rome Packet

Chapter 8 Rome Packet
1. Etruscans _I_
A. large farming estates in Ancient Rome
2. patrician _P_
B. system of money
3. plebeian _C_
C. member of the common people of Ancient
D. human-made channel built to carry water
4. consul _F_
5. veto _M_
E. Carthanian General, used elephants
6. praetor _N_
F. 1 of 2 top gov. officials in Ancient Rome
7. dictator _K_
G. in Ancient Rome, 3-person ruling group
8. latifundia _A_
H. a.k.a. Octavian, “revered or majestic one”
9. triumvirate G_
10. Pax Romana _Q
I. people north of Rome, ruled over + heavily
influenced Rome
J. twin brothers who founded Rome in legend
11. aqueduct D
K. person who rules with complete power
12. currency B
L. restored republic of Rome, made it strong +
safe, began the Pax Romana
M. to reject
13. Julius Caesar _O
14. Augustus _H_
15. Octavian _L_
16. Hannibal _E_
N. important gov. official in Ancient Rome
O. military leader who made himself dictator
P. wealthy landowner + member of the ruling class
of Ancient Rome
17. Romulus + Remus _J__
Q. long era of peace + safety in Roman Empire
Chapter 9 Rome
1. vault _F._
A. The number of people that the Circus Maximus
would hold
2. satire I_
B. Astronomer who thought that the Earth was the
center of the universe
3. ode __L
C. public speaking
4. anatomy E_
D. large arena where emperors held events
to increase their popularity
5. Forum _M
E. the study of body structure
6. gladiator _H_ F. curved structure forming a ceiling or
7. paterfamilias __J_G. the number of people that the Colosseum held
8. rhetoric _C_
H. person who fought for public entertainment
9. Ptolemy _B__ I. work that pokes fun at human weaknesses
10. 60,000 _G_
J. name for the father as head of the household
11. 250,000 _A_
K. arena where horse and chariot racing took
12. Colosseum D_ L. poem that expresses strong emotions about life
13. Circus Maximus K
14. Spartacus _S_
M. open space in a Roman city that served as a
marketplace and town square
N. person who acts as a temporary ruler
15. Roman Gods P
O. period of rapidly increasing prices
16. plague R_
P. similar to Greece, named after planets
17. inflation O_
Q. picture made from many bits of colored
glass, tile, or stone
18. barter _U__
19. reform X_
R. disease that spreads quickly and kills many
S. gladiator who led a revolt against Rome
20. Diocletian R_ T. Christian holy person
21. Constantine _V__
22. mosaic Q_
23. saint _T_
24. regent _N_
U. to exchange goods without using money
V. general, became emperor, moved capital,
allowed freedom of religion
W. name of the eastern Roman Empire that came
to power as the Western Roman Empire fell
X. change that tries to bring about an
25. Byzantines _W
Y. disease that spreads quickly and kills many