ESCI 243 Quiz 2

ESCI 243
Quiz 2
1. If you have the Snoqualmie River with no
glaciers and the Nooksack River with glaciers,
which is going to be true? A) Snoqualmie
higher runoff in winter B) Snoqualmie River
higher runoff in summer C) Nooksack higher
flow in summer D) Nooksack declining flow
through the summer
2. What is the result of the disintegration of
the Larsen Ice Shelf? A) Immediate sea level
rise B) Slowing of glacier system C)
Acceleration of feeder glaciers
3. Glaciers in what regions are in danger of
disappearing? A) Patagonia B) Africa C)
Peruvian Andes D) Alps
4. All North Cascade glaciers are retreating at
present, when did this retreat begin? A) 1980
C)1995 D) 1970
5. Which is a key global warming impact on North
Cascade glaciers, could be more than one? A)
Reduction in summer streamflow
B) Increase
in winter flood potential C) Loss of 20% of
glaciers in next 50 years D) Loss of 65% of
all glaciers in the next 50 years.
6. What type of stream floods significantly A)
Braided B) Meandering C) Valley D) Estuary
7. Urbanization alters flooding how? A) Reduces
the peak flow volume B) Increases the maximum
water level C) Funnels water off streets into
storm sewers that hold it reducing flooding D)
Speed flow through the Storm sewer network
raising flooding.
8. Which factors raise flood danger. A) storm
B)Forest Cover C) Wetlands D) clay
9. How is the Colorado River not meeting the
Clean Water Act? A) Too much soil erosion B)
Lack of streamflow C) Too many aquatic plants
D) Flow level manipulation.
In this graph what is causing the change
in flow? What percent has it increased from
10/10-10/15, what percent has it decreased
from 10/15-10/18.