For Immediate Release - Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL)
Dr. Peter Moll, Managing Director, ABX
Peter E. Dodwell, President, CIL
Maureen A. Duffy, Vice President, Sales, CIL
ABX Tel:
CIL Tel:
+49 (35) 28-40-41-62
Boston,Massachusetts: CIL, the world’s leader in the manufacturing of stable isotope labeled
research chemicals and a leading supplier of 18O water to PET nuclear pharmacies, has acquired
100% of the stock of ABX Advanced Biochemical Compounds of Radeburg, Germany.
According to CIL’s President, Peter Dodwell, “CIL’s union with ABX demonstrates both
companies commitment to utilizing shared resources to speed the development of new tracers for
nuclear medicine applications including PET, SPECT and MRI.”
ABX specializes in the development and manufacturing of chemicals for nuclear medicine
applications, such as PET and SPECT, and is the primary producer of GMP Mannose Triflate, an
active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for producing
FDG for PET. In addition, ABX is
developing GMP precursor kits for new tracers, such as FLT, and offers a wide selection of
research precursors, suitable for clinical trials, for new PET compounds under development.
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CIL is the premier supplier of stable isotopes for research applications in proteomics, genomics,
molecular biology, metabolic research, clinical and diagnostic research and ultra trace
environmental analysis.
For 25 years CIL has provided over 15,000 different research
compounds to its base of 35,000 to 40,000 medical, pharmaceutical, academic and government
This acquisition brings together CIL’s synthetic expertise, GMP experience and long history of
serving the research customer market and ABX’s reputation for synthesis of high quality GMP
and non-GMP nuclear medicine compounds and precursors.
“There is a definite synergy
between the two groups and we are happy to join CIL and merge our strengths in synthetic
chemistry and GMP production,” stated Peter Moll, Managing Director of ABX. The
combination will provide ABX additional technical resources to further develop a full range of
products and services in PET and other imaging modalities, including FDG kit development,
GMP kits for new tracers, contract research and peptide synthesis. In addition, CIL anticipates
providing ABX a second separate, independent GMP manufacturing site for Mannose Triflate
located in the United States.
The key managers and employees of ABX are continuing with the Company.
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