ELearning Quality Checklist

E-Learning Services Quality Planning Tool
Stage 2 Approval Form
The purpose of the E-Learning Services (ELS Quality Planning Tool is to encourage
you to think about the issues that will need to be addressed when planning and
designing a module to be taught online).
This form needs to be completed in order to comply with Stage 2 of Programmes
Committee approval.
You should complete this form with one of the e-Learning Consultants from ELS
4 weeks is required in order for this form to be processed and signed by ELS.
Please contact E-Learning Services – AG240, College Building, extension 3103 or
via [email protected] – to set up a meeting with the e-Learning Consultants to
discuss the new programme.
If you have any queries regarding this form please contact E-Learning Services as
outlined above.
General Programme Details
Name and telephone extension of
person responsible for submission
Name of new programme AND/OR
If this programme replaces another
please give details
School / Department
Target Intake Numbers: Year 1
Year 2 (steady
Programme overview
1. Please give an outline of the learning
outcomes of this programme/module
including the rationale for using online
learning in this programme
Your learners
2. Who will your learners be? Eg part-time
students, numbers, special needs, fully
distance learners.
This should include guidelines for participation eg time spent online etc. This is especially important
for distance students or reliance on significant multimedia resources. You should also discuss
induction and orientation with ELS staff.
What proportion of time will be spent
online and face-to-face?
What technology requirements/access will
be required to participate in the
You should also consider whether it is
likely your students will have had
experience of online learning before.
Your team
3. How many people will be working on
the programme/module with you?
What procedures for staff development
and training for online learning will be
Please include competency levels for using software, awareness of copyright, accessibility etc
Your experience
4. Do you have experience of teaching
online? If yes, please state, if no please
outline where you might need support eg
building online courses, community
design, IT competency
Your teaching methods
5. What teaching methods will you be
using in this programme? Eg groupwork,
fieldwork, lectures with online support.
Are there any issues you have with your
teaching currently that you think online
learning could address?
Your assessment methods
6. What assessment methods will you be
What will the policies be for receipt and
administration of assessment?
Planning your course
7. Will you and your team be given
time/support to develop and manage
online learning materials? If yes, indicate
how much
This should include whether online or paper, procedures, what to do with problems, ensure policy
reflects online submission
8. What evaluation and monitoring
mechanisms will be in place?
9. Outline the action plan agreed with the
ELS for the support this
programme/module – this should include
an indication of when materials will be
available online for review by the ELS
Person responsible for submission
E-Learning Services
This tool has been based on JISC Effective Practice Planner for e-learning – see www.jisc.ac.uk/elp_workshops.html