Main Topic: T1 Density-Functional Theory beyond LDA

Main Topic: T1 Density-Functional Theory beyond LDA
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Theory and Methods:
T1 Density-Functional Theory beyond LDA
T2 Time Dependent DFT
T3 Many-Body Techniques for Real Materials
T4 Quantum Monte Carlo
T5 Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics
T6 Large Scale and Multiscale Simulations
T7 Activated Processes
T8 Electronic and Thermal Transport
T9 Response to External Fields
T10 Simulations in Realistic Environments
T11 Other methods
A1 Nanoscience
A2 Biochemistry and Biomaterials
A3 Magnetism and Spintronics
A4 Geophysics
A5 Functional Materials
A6 Surfaces
A7 Spectroscopies
A8 Catalysis and Electrochemistry
A9 Chemical Reactions and Kinetics
A10 Materials Design
A11 Other applications