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Grammar – Resources
Teaching Strategies 2010
See Literacy – Language Conventions
A Grammar Companion for Teachers by
Beverly Derewianka Publication
If you only have one Grammar resource this
would be it.
The Grammar Dictionary – 250 terms,
explained and illustrated with real-life texts
Education Services Australia – ESA –
(National) Main national site for resources
Education Services Australia is a ministerial
company established by the Ministerial Council
of Education, Early Childhood Development and
Youth Affairs (MCEEDYA). The company
membership comprises all Australian Ministers
with responsibility for education.
ESA brands: curriculumpress
Reading Enriches Learning
Curriculum Bytes
Centre for Excellence
National Partnership on Improving
Teaching Quality
NDLRN – National Digital Learning
Resources Network – part of ESA see above
Assessment objects are interactive resources
that support formative assessment.
Learning Objects
Resources from partner organisations have
been sourced from leading Australian and New
Zealand cultural and scientific institutions and
private collections. There are moving images
from documentaries, feature films, newsreels
and television programs; still images such as
photographs, artworks, posters, maps,
documents and cartoons; and sound files such
as speeches, songs, radio broadcasts and
Home page
Collections bring together up to 30 interactive,
assessment and other resources with similar
themes and subthemes drawn from the
Teacher ideas highlight ways that teachers
use resources in their learning programs to
inspire and challenge their students.
Units of work are sets of activities and
worksheets for a range of curriculum areas.
Open-ended tools such as Open Explorer
Builder and Snappyenable teachers and
students to create their own learning
Centre for Excellence
National Partnership on Improving
Teaching Quality
English syllabus K-6 – Board of
Studies NSW BOS
English K-6 Modules - Board of
Studies NSW BOS
Tale – Teaching & Learning Exchange
Database of teaching resources
Literacy continuum (K-6) DEC
NB: This draft continuum will be revised and
extended to Year 10.
This continuum defines eight aspects of literacy
found in the research to be critical to successful
literacy acquisition.
It describes the development typically expected
of most students in the eight aspects :
Reading texts
Vocabulary knowledge
Aspects of writing
Aspects of speaking
Phonemic awareness
Concepts about print
Interactive version
Interactive version further info in downloads for each cluster
Centre for Excellence
National Partnership on Improving
Teaching Quality
DEC Literacy Website developed by the
Literacy Unit. DEC
The Literacy Unit at Curriculum and Learning
Innovation Centre leads the Department’s
actions and responses to core literacy issues
under the Office of Schools Plan 2009-2011 and
the State’s Literacy K-12 Policy. The Literacy
Unit provides literacy professional learning
support, materials and programs for regions,
schools and teachers.
DEC Literacy Publications Main website
which contains links to all literacy
publications DEC
In this section, you will find publications
organised from new literacy publications to
publications developed under the previous NSW
State Literacy Strategy and finally literacy
support materials for parents.
You will find publications organised under
the following headings:
New literacy publications
Best Start publications
Publications developed under the
previous NSW State Literacy
This guide, An introduction to quality literacy
teaching, provides advice for teachers from
Kindergarten to Year 12 on what can be
considered the cornerstones of quality literacy
teaching in NSW public schools, that is, literacy
teaching that is explicit, systematic, balanced
and integrated.
New Literacy professional learning
packages and resources DEC
Professional learning packages are collections of
related learning materials assembled under
particular topics. The contents of these new
packages may include video presentations,
professional reading, bibliographies, teaching
ideas or professional learning suggestions.
Centre for Excellence
National Partnership on Improving
Teaching Quality