text with phrasal verbs

Read the following text and choose the best phrasal verb to fill in the blanks :
Summer time had come at last! School had finished, so John and Susan Loman were going to
go to take their twin eight-year old daughters Veronica and Jessica to the beach for the
weekend. Their next-door neighbor, Mrs. Coppard, had agreed to _____ 1 their cat, the bags
had been put in the car, everything was ready. “Don’t forget to ______ 2 the gas, “ called
John, and remember to lock the windows. We don’t want a burglar to _______ 3 the house
while we are away.”
“Don’t _______ 4 telling me what to do, I’m _______ 5 it!” shouted Susan. Finally, at 10:30,
John started the car.
“Did you ________ 6 aunt Diane?” asked Jessica.
“Yes, I’ve arranged to _______ her _______ 7 at 12:00 o’clock.” replied John.
“In that case you had better _______ 8, or we’ll be late.” said Veronica. Suddenly, the car
stopped. John got out of the car and started to check the engine. After half an hour he still
had not _______ 9 what the problem was.
“I know what the problem is, we’ve ________ 10 petrol.” said Veronica.
“You could be a mechanic when you _______ 11, because you certainly don’t _______ 12
your father,” said Susan with a smile. The delay ______ 13 a lot of time, so John began to
drive very fast. In fact, he nearly _______ 14 an old lady.
“Don’t drive so fast, Daddy,” cried Jessica, “We’ll ______ 15 a story about why we are late,
so aunt Diane will never learn how silly you are!”
1- a) look into
b) bring up
c) look after
d) turn into
2 – a) turn off
b) turn on
c) turn out
d) turn up
3 – a) break into
b) come across
c) fill in
d) knock down
4 – a) keep on
b) try on
c) hold on
d) let on
5 – a) fine about
b) contented with
c) worried about
d) fed up with
6 – a) get away with b) get in touch with
c) fall out with
d) go around with
7 – a) find out
b) pick up
c) put through
d) throw away
8 – a) come on
b) call up
c) hurry up
d) catch on
9 – a) found out
b) thought up
c) taken over
d) put off
10 – a) got rid of
b) gone down with
c) come up with
d) run out of
11 – a) bring up
b) get up
c) grow up
d) build up
12- a) go off with
b) live on
c) come up with
d) take after
13 – a) took a part
b) took back
c) took up
d) took on
14 – a) ran over
b) ran up
c) ran along
d) ran after
15 – a) give in
b) give up
c) make up
d) make out