The Humanities Poem

Veronica Charbonier
Humanities Improvisation Essay
My heart skips a beat, when I see, that you and me are meant to be.
I love you, you love me, let’s see, how are hearts are meant to be.
This is like heaven, only you and me.
When you are near me, that is the best warmth, it makes me fall for you, are you the one
When you are not near me, I feel alone and blue.
You are the one who, that I don’t think of a foo.
Should we be married?
If not, I would rather be buried.
I was once in the hands of the words love.
But I had to shove and give it up, with the word that I want you.
I was falling, and kept on calling, but no pick up, so I was constantly balling.
I thought that I was gonna always be on my down fall, until one day I just gave GOD my all.
I started to forget his fragrance, then became less tense, with a better sense.
The only true love, is the one above.