Lab Manual TOC by number

Section 1: Laboratory Policies
003-001 Alternative Testing Due to Instrument or Test Method Malfunction of Periodic Services
003-002 Charging Patients for Laboratory Tests
003-006 Releasing Lab Reports to Outside Physicians
003-010 Laboratory Test Tracking
003-017 Report TAT for In-house Testing
003-018 Correction of Laboratory Errors
003-019 Patient Complaints
003-020 Altering Reference Laboratory Reports
003-021 Reporting Laboratory Test Results
003-028 Labeling and Storage of Testing Materials
003-029 Medical/Dental Equipment Management Plan
003-041 Special Insurance Requirements for John Deere, Mail handlers and Genesis
003-042 Quality Control Corrective Action
003-045 Daily Housekeeping Duties
003-051 Laboratory Quality Assurance Action Plan
003-052 Monitoring Laboratory Temperatures
003-053 Continuing Education of Laboratory Personnel
003-057 Ordering Lab Tests at Community Health Care, Inc.
003-089 Quality Control Assessment
003-090 Handling of Laboratory Specimens
003-091 Waived Laboratory Test Results
003-092 Incident Management Plan
003-093 Reporting Critical/Panic Values and Tests
003-098 Waived Laboratory Test Results
003-099 Laboratory Maintenance
003-104 Downtime Procedure
003-105 Lab Downtime Procedure
003-107 EHR Merge (LIS) Procedure
027-005 Billing Lab Services that are Provided by an Outside Lab
Section 2: Reference Laboratory Policies
003-007 Requesting STAT Testing from Reference Laboratories
003-040 Requisitions/Billing Information- Reference Laboratory
003-054 Processing Specimens for Transport to Reference Lab
003-088 Receiving Laboratory Reports from MML
003-097 Reference Laboratory Reports
003-101 Processing Monthly LabCorp Bill
Section3: Specimen Collection and Handling
003-005 Handling Unsuccessful Venipuncture
003-009 Throat Swab for Culture or Rapid Strep Determination
003-011 Preparation of In-house Test Requisitions-Report Forms
003-013 Capillary Blood Collection
003-032 Blood Culture Specimen Collection
003-033 Patient Preparation
003-049 Specimen Processing
030-055 Neo-natal Blood Screening Specimen Collection
003-058 Labeling of Specimens and Test Requisitions
003-059 Test Reqs for Specimens Collected Outside of Lab
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003-060 Venipuncture Procedure
003-062 Urine Collection- Midstream Clean Catch
003-063 24 hour Urine Specimen Collection
003-064 Stool Specimen Collection
003-065 Sputum Specimen Collection
003-066 Unsatisfactory Specimens for Laboratory Testing
Section 4: Hematology
003-039 Nasal Smear for Eosinophil Estimation
003-067 Medonic M-series procedure
003-070 Differential White Cell Count
003-071 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
003-073 Hematocrit- Micro-hematocrit Method
003-096 Slide Request: Send to U of Iowa Hospitals
Section 5: Chemistry
003-024 Glucose Tolerance Test
003-025 Glucose Test for Gestational Diabetes Screening- Post Prandial
003-034 Envoy 500 Maintenance Procedure
003-035 Envoy 500 Procedure
003-043 Ames Acetest Tablets Quality Control
003-048 Creatinine Clearance
003-074 Hemoglobin A1c
003-075 Glucose in Whole Blood Determination
003-076 Ketones in Blood Determination
003-077 Fecal Occult Blood
Section 6: Urinalysis
003-022 Urinalysis Quality Control
003-023 Urine Chemical Analysis
003-036 Clinitek Maintenance
003-037 Clinitek 500 Urine Chemistry Analyzer
003-078 Urine Sediment Microscopic Examination
003-079 Ictotest- Bilirubin in Urine
Section 7: Serology/Microbiology
003-026 Presence of Beta Strep Group A from Throat Specimens by Culture- Determination
003-056 Rapid Strep Test
003-080 Strep Selective Agar Plates and Taxo A Discs Used in Strep Screens- Quality Control
003-081 Wet Mount
003-082 KOH Prep
003-094 hCG Combo Test
003-095 OSOM Infectious Mononucleosis Test
003-108 Rapid Influenza AB
003-109 Rapid RSV
Section 8: Proficiency Testing
003-050 Split Testing with a Reference Laboratory
003-083 Performance of PT-API
003-084 Remedial Action to be Performed for Unsatisfactory Proficiency Testing Results
Section 9: Blood borne pathogens
003-003 ProSpore Autoclave Testing
003-087 Infectious Waste Disposal
008-029 Medical/Dental Equipment Management Plan
008-050 Hand Hygiene- Nail Enhancements/Fingernails
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