MBA Initial Reading List

MBA Initial Reading List
Managing Human Performance
Clegg, S., Kornberger, M. and Pitsis, T. (2011) Managing and Organizations:
An Introduction to Theory and Practice , 3rd Edition. Sage, London.
Warner, M (1994) Organizational Behaviour Revisited, Human Relations, Vol 47, 10, 1151-1163
Fitzgerald, Thomas H. (1971) ‘Why Motivation Theory Doesn’t Work,’ Harvard Business Review, JulyAugust, 37-44
Wilson, F (2010). Organizational Behaviour and Work: A Critical Introduction. 3rd Ed. OUP, Oxford
Contemporary Issues in the International Environment
Daniels J, Radebaugh L, and Sullivan D, (2012) International Business 14th ed. Pearson
Hill, C., (2010) International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. 8th ED. McGraw-Hill
Managing Customer Value
Baines, P., Fill, C. & Page, K. (2010), Marketing, 2nd Ed. Oxford
Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F., Mayer, R. & Johnston, K. (2009), Internet Marketing: Strategy,
Implementation and Practice, 4th ed., FT Prentice Hall, Essex
Managing for Business Excellence
Slack N, Chambers S, and Johnston, R (2013). Operations Management. 7th edition. Pearson,
Slack N and Lewis M, (2011) Operations Strategy, 3rd edition. Pearson, London
Financial Analysis and Management
Arnold, G (2008) Corporate Financial Management [4th edition], FT Prentice Hall
Atrill, P and McLaney, E (2013) Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists [8th edition], Pearson
Cameron, S. (2008) The MBA Handbook, 8th Ed. Prentice Hall/Financial Times
Careers/Personal Development
Goleman, D. (2005) Emotional Intelligence, Bantam, New York
Lowe, J. (2010) Your Lowe Profile, Professional Career Coaching, Regent e-learning Limited, London