Supply contract forecast

Document for completion and publication by the Contracting Authority
Rehabilitation of rail line Bar – Vrbnica,
Section Trebaljevo (km 331+115) – Kolasin (340+991)
Location - Montenegro
1. Publication reference
2. Procedure
International open tender procedure
3. Programme
IPA 2009
4. Financing
BGUE-B2009-22.020200-C1-ELARG DELMNE
5. Contracting Authority
The European Union, represented by the European Commission, itself represented by the
Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, for and on behalf of the government of
6. Description of the contract
The works contract is related to the rehabilitation of 8,65 km of the rail line Bar – Vrbnica. The
designed solution for this section kept the axis and the vertical alignment of the existing line
(executed in 1976). Velocity on this section will be 80 km/h and super elevation at curves is
adapted accordingly.
The following works to be performed under the contract (but not limited to) are:
 Preparation of 20 cm depth base layer between km 334+762 to 335+145 and from 339+934 to
 Replacement of the existing ballast bed will be done; dirty material will be removed and the
new gravel material will be laid down in quantity of about 1,0 m3/m
 Superstructure will be of rails "49 E1" type with tensile strength of 900 N/mm2, length of field
30m with internal hole for temporary connection of the track. Sleepers are wooden made with
dimensions 26x16x260 cm, with "K" fastening on limestone ballast. Axial distance between
the sleepers is 60 cm.
7. Indicative number and titles of lots
One Lot
8. Scheduled publication date of the procurement notice
March 2010
9. Other information
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10. Legal basis
Council regulation (EC) No. 1085/2006 of 17 July 2006 (OJ L 210, 31.07.2006)
There must be an interval of at least 30 calendar days between the publication of this contract forecast and the
publication of the corresponding procurement notice. Natural or legal persons interested should not therefore send
proposals or requests for information at this stage.
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