Digging Up Dem Bones

(Ezekiel 37: 1-11)
Digging Up Dem Bones is a genealogical research service dedicated to tracing family
history in the Jamaican and other Caribbean repositories which includes, however not
limited to, the National Library (newspapers, maps, etc.), the Jamaican Archives (for
estate information), the Roman Catholic Church and the Registrar General's Department
(for births, marriages, deaths, wills and deeds). These and others hold the historic records
of Jamaica, some dating into the 1600s.
Available services include; though not limited to:
 In-depth research in all available research facilities
 Copies of documents when they are available for duplicating
 Progress reports
 Genealogy reports
 Pictorial reports
 Oral interviews
 Time period maps of family location
 Family tree charts
 Family location investigated
We look forward to hearing from you again and thank you for your query.
Cynthia and Samuel Rosers
Disclaimer: Digging Up Dem Bones guarantees that the best research will be done; however can not guarantee success nor be
responsible for content of information gathered.
Aug 2009