Chinese Burial Web Quest

7th Grade Social Studies
Ancient China
Chinese Burials
Directions: Type in the web addresses to find and complete the information for the
following questions/ items. Read the web page and answer each question with complete
sentences, proper spelling/ grammar/ mechanics, and legible writing. Select the link for
each section and provide information for the following questions.
1: Click on Tombs and Ancestors, read the page, then click on the Story feature
Describe what the Chinese people did to please the gods.
2. Click on the Explore feature, then click on Explore an ancient Chinese Tomb.
Click on the different parts of the tomb to find the following information:
I. Select the Burial Chamber.
Where were the tombs of the lords/ nobles/ wealthy located? Describe how the tombs
of the lords/ nobles/ wealthy were prepared and distinguished from tombs of common
people or servants.
II. Select the Servants’ Burial Chamber.
Where were the tombs of the servants located?
Describe how the servants were buried.
III. Select the Ceremonial Chambers-Musical Instruments.
Explain what the purpose of a ceremonial chamber was and why instruments were used
in the chamber. Select and describe three (3) instruments that were used.
IV. Select the Ceremonial Chambers-Ritual Vessels.
Explain why vessels were used in the burial process.
Identify the following:
V. Select the Weapons Chamber.
Explain why weapons were buried/ placed in the tombs of the dead.
Select and describe two (2) weapons.
3. Provide two examples to explain how the afterlife and burial process of the Chinese
people was similar to that of the Egyptians.