Synthesis of Colloidal Supported Metal Nanoparticles as

Licensing Opportunity
from the University of Rhode Island
Synthesis of Colloidal Supported Metal Nanoparticles
(CSMNs) as Intermediate Nanocatalysts
Description of Invention : We have utilized a four step process for synthesizing the palladium
nanoparticles attached to silica colloids. The four steps in this process include synthesizing the silica colloids,
synthesizing the PVP capped palladium nanoparticles, functionalizing the silica colloids, and attaching the
PVP capped palladium nanoparticles to the silica colloids.
Potential Areas of Application:
1) This invention would be very useful as intermediate nanocatalysts for liquid-phase reactions such as
cross-coupling reactions, hydrogenation reactions, and dechlorinations.
Main Advantages of Invention:
1) The CSMNs combine the advantages of heterogeneous catalysts in a near homogeneous format.
2) The CSMNs can be suspended in solution during liquid-phase reactions.
Lead Inventor:
Radha Narayanan et al, Chemistry
U.S. provisional application 61/347,867 filed on May 25, 2010
Category: Materials Sciences
Licensing Status:
Available for licensing
Reference #:10-0331
Please contact David R. Sadowski or Raymond Walsh - Division of Research & Economic Development, University of Rhode Island,
75 Lower College Rd. Suite 001, Kingston, RI 02881; 401-874-4807 or Fax 401-874-7832
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