Name - Psychology

Psychology Advising Worksheet
Effective for students matriculating Fall 2012 and later
Total Hours Earned __ Total Hours “In-progress” this term __ (Note: Min. 60 UIUC hours including 21 advanced )
University Composition I (Comp I)
Advanced Composition (ACP)
Quantitative Reasoning I (QRI)
Quantitative Reasoning II (QRII) 2nd QRI or QRII
Cultural Studies: Western (CW) – one class
Non-Western (CNW) or U.S. Minority (US) – one class
Non-Primary Language
Humanities and the Arts
Minimum 6 hours
Literature and Arts (LA) and/or Historical and Philosophical (HP)
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Minimum 6 hours
Social Science (SS) and/or Behavioral Science (BS)
Natural Sciences and Technology
Minimum 6 hours
Life Science (LS) and/or Physical Science (PS)
(32 PSYC w/ 13 advanced hrs required) Hours Earned __ Hours Needed __
1) Intro Psychology (one from the following):
100 Intro to Psychology 103 Experimental Psych 105 Psych Introduction
2) Intro Statistics (one from the following):
235 Intro to Statistics or 301 Psychological Statistics
3) Biological/Cognitive Psychology (two from the following):
204 Brain &Cognition 210 Behavioral Neuroscience
224 Cognitive
230 Perception & Sensory
220 Images of Mind
248 Learning and Memory
4) Other Psychology (two from the following):
201 Social
239 Community
238 Abnormal
250 Personality
216 Child
245 Industrial Organizational
5) Research methods/laboratory (one from the following):
311 Behav/Neuro Lab
331 Cognitive Lab
333 Social Psych in Society
334 Perception Lab
363 Developmental Child Lab 379 Clinical Lab
332 Methods in Social Psych
350 Personality Lab
490 Measurement and Test Lab
6) Complete additional nine (9) hours of advanced PSYC (300- & 400 level) courses
7) Supporting Coursework: 12 hours of non-PSYC hours to compliment your overall interests
 How do you use ‘elective’ hours? Learn Something New? Second Major? Minor? Pre-Something?
 Other departments offering classes of interest? ______________________________
(Revised October 2014)